Far Cry 5 Review by CaptainGriffin

30 Mar 2018
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NOTE: This is not intended to be a comprehensive review.

Welcome to another Far Cry installment. Really, that about says it. It is very similar to their standards with a few changes that clean up gameplay a bit so if you like the FC series you'll likely enjoy this one. As with Assassin's Creed: Origins most achievements are basic completion style and therefor not complicated just time consuming.

As a game I have to say that they seem to have scrunched too many things in too closely. It is difficult to actually hunt and track game, especially after say landing an initial arrow in a fine 12 point buck without accidentally running through yet ANOTHER group of respawned cultists. Mechanically it is generally fun even given that. Plus it is always entertaining to see a cultist change his aim from you to the wolverine that has decided to snack on his ankles!

Development-wise I really wish the various teams at Uni would actually get out at least once and go talk to the locals where they set they're games. I happen to be a resident of the general area this one is set and There are so many basic things that are just a touch off that it really bugs me. For instance much of America is filled with sportsmen and I can't imagine that someone at their offices couldn't figure out that in sport fishing the plural of fish IS fish. Reading "fishes" continuously just drives me bonkers. They're not guppies for criminey's sake! Especially the average 12lb+ (c.5kg) Rainbow Trout! Good grief, did they even read up? Pulling a 5lb (2.5kg) rainbow is generally the highlight of a Pacific Northwesterner's summer. I know it seems petty but stuff like that breaks immersion for me more than the silly stereotyped rednecks they throw in to the trailer park. Probably because while not filled with those types just about everyone knows one or two.

Also, just as a throw in on the forced diversity thing: Really guys!?! This game alone probably has more black folks than all of the state of Montana! If they wanted to strive for a more "diverse" game then perhaps they could have thrown in say 1 in 5 of the folks being Latino? In some areas that's pretty real, even folks that have been locals for generations. Also, not so commonly portrayed but a real factor is there are quite a few folks of Viet/Siamese dedescent in the region as the "boat people" of the mid 70s after the fall of South Vietnam chased the US Federal Government to settle many of the refugees throughout the northwest.

All in all this is a very pretty game but also very typical of the Far Cry franchise. With that in mind I would say overall as I get further in the game that it looks to be about a 7/10 (on a true scale not the bizarre weighted scale that Game Informer uses.)

Thanks for reading and enjoy your time in the stomping grounds modeled after the best four states in the union! 😆
SneezeSomeMilkNice review. Intersting points.
Posted by SneezeSomeMilk on 30 Mar 18 at 14:29
Fret Work 13But you admit this is the best Farcry that's been released this far right? Because it is a masterpiece. The pop culture within that game is just breathtaking and alot of the body parts in the movie scenes actually felt like I was watching a real persons neck as they breath in and out. Incredible details thrown into the game. I completely played it offline and beat it by renting from Redbox. I have already beaten it but I still want to play it. It's like GatA's more fun and sexier sister that puts out and says cuss words. XD foreal though...I'm going to do a review myself and it's getting 10/10.....5 stars. Whatever. It's in my top 3 of all time favorites of all time. I really wasn't that night on the older farcry's. 3 was ok. 4 was pretty. Primal just looks stupid. 5 is a slobbering, foaming dog mouth party having a good time! :)
Posted by Fret Work 13 on 07 Apr 18 at 14:37
Fret Work 13And you are right about the few little things they need to tweak. Drives me insane too.
Posted by Fret Work 13 on 07 Apr 18 at 14:39
Warboy925I haven't played this yet, I want to though, lol, great review!!

I don't know if you were aware but both "fish", and "fishes" are in fact correct in describing the plural form of a "fish"....

When you have a school of only one type of fish (guppies, for example), the correct term is "fish"....

But if you see schools of multiple types of fish together, (bass, guppy, minnow, tuna....etc...etc...), then the correct term is in fact, "fishes"......

@ Fret Work 13......to be honest, the only reason I got Primal was because I REALLY wanted Far Cry 4 for the Xbone (loved the 360 version), and the bundle was the same price or even cheaper IIRC,,,,, I got bored (drunk) one night and started it up......bad idea, never good to start a new game buzzed.........anyways, I killed off as much of FC 4 as I could, and decided to give Primal another chance.......very glad I did, it was much better then I expected and the owl was a BLAST to use!!! Sure there was one grindy cheevo, but not bad at all compared to other games.......seriously, give it a shot, riding the back of a Sabertooth Tiger will put a smile on your face!!!!
Posted by Warboy925 on 26 Apr 18 at 23:06
Goggs25This is the worst far cry game so far.

Lets start with the pointless pvp when will ubi get it through there thick heads pvp does NOT work in a far cry games.

then you have cars,boats,planes etc all of which ubi force you drive in first person mode which makes flighing planes harder then it should be.

Aother thing I find stupid is u get strangers offering you info about side missions or stashes which fine but I am fed up with them diying becasue the get randomly attack by enemies or animals won't be so bad if you just hold X then go but no you either have to stay they and listen to them talk or walk with them
Posted by Goggs25 on 29 Jul 18 at 22:22