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31 Mar 2018
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A Way Out is a co-op adventure game created by the developer of Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons. It’s feautues Leo - a hard-headed, short tempered, “Shoot first and ask question later” kind of guy - And Vincent, the mild and non-confrontational everyman, who are both in prison. You start the game in the prison, tasked with escaping. After a series of prison fights and puzzle solving, you’ll escape. Once out, you follow their journey to find the man responsible for locking them up.

The main focus of this game is it’s heavily cooperative gameplay. It features a split screen layout, even when playing online, so you can always see what the other player is doing. Throughout the game, there are cinematic gameplay sequences in which the focus will shift between the two players while they perform certain actions. This leads to some of the best co-op experiences I’ve had in my lifetime. Most tasks must be done by both players, with one helping the other from a distance, or by working side-by-side to move objects and open doors.

The Good:
+ The controls are simple, and prompts will appear showing you what buttons you need to press and where your objective is. All controls are explained and are straight forward. Puzzles are both unique and simple, providing an easy and interesting experience that’s not too hard, but also takes some skill.
+ Gameplay is very fun, and not once did it feel old in the 6 or 7 hours it took to play. The gameplay ramps up at times, with fast paced fight sequences and eventually, intense shootouts and car chases.
+ Throughout the game, you can interact with different things around the area you’re in. You can talk to people, turn on televisions, sit on benches, and play games. Some of the mini games you can play include: Baseball, Connect 4, Darts, and an arcade machine. I’m each game, both players get their own high score that the other can try and beat. Playing through, I spent a long time playing these games. They’re extremely fun.
+ Oh, man. The story in this game is set up and fleshed our incredibly well. The characters are given intricate backstories that are fully explained through cutscenes. Each character has their own personality, and will react differently when interacting with the environment. As you play, more and more questions will be answered. All this leads up to an explosive climax, which brings a very powerful and moving end to a very powerful game.

The Bad:
- Driving is somewhat sloppy. It’s not the worst, but it could use some polishing. It feels very floaty.
- Pushing things around is more difficult than it needs to be, and feels almost slippery. Thankfully, you only do this 2-3 times.
- The voice acting can seem lackluster at times, especially in specific scenes with non-main characters. Otherwise, its done well.

Final Thoughts:
A Way Out comes packed with a riveting story, well fleshed out characters, and beautiful environments. The gameplay is easy, and always feels fresh, with great mini games to provide a good break if you get bored, or if you just want to mess around and have fun. From the prison to the explosive finale, the gameplay has a perfect mix of action and exploration. An interactive environment works to further the story, and provides some good comic relief at times. Driving sections are limited, but they are long when they do happen, and the mechanics of vehicles makes them more tedious than they need to be, but they aren’t atrocious. With a powerful and memorable story - and a very unexpected twist - A Way Out is something I would recommend to everyone with the ability to play it.
Reborn InsanityI agree with the voice acting. Sometimes it sounded like they were reading from a script while staring at a wall and had no context for the mood of the scene or what was going on. Really killed the immersion and flow of the story, but thankfully it wasn't like that during the entire game.

Great review. +1
Posted by Reborn Insanity on 14 Apr 18 at 00:03
3/5 for me.

if the game came out early xbox 360 i could understand a higher rating but it gets pretty old fast
Posted on 21 May 18 at 13:25
KJer25This game is awful, and I'm honestly struggling to finish it. I think it was hyped up way too much. I find the story predictable and average, at best. Gameplay wise, well, don't even get me started. Still, and opinion is an opinion, and this review is well done. Thumbs up.
Posted by KJer25 on 03 Dec 19 at 23:27
Alias DJAMe and another TA Veteran just knocked this out over a few days in the evening before bed. We both really enjoyed the story, very simple to follow achievements - and as a nice touch we were both not expecting - it doesn't just take place in a Prison. There are may levels with different "co-op" sections that over-all was just a great co op game to play.
Posted by Alias DJA on 23 Aug 21 at 12:46