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Discover the joys of destroying cult property in every region (Solo Campaign only).

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This can be achieved by destroying Shrines, Silos or Wolf Beacons in each region.

Jacob's Region you need to destroy one Wolf Beacon (there are 10).
Dutch's and Faith Region you need to destroy one Shrine in each (2 in Dutch's 16 in Faith's).
John's region you need to destroy one Silo (there are 14).

The easiest way I found to do this was buy either a plane or helicopter with a machine gun (I prefer the helicopter because you can hover with it making it easier to aim) and fly it at night. The Silos are big and red so they are hard to miss. The Wolf Beacons have a bright red light on them that is easy to spot at night while the Shrines glow green at night. While using the helicopter or plane just fly up a bit so you can see a good portion of the land and fly to each region. After spotting one just fly over and shoot it with the helicopter/plane until it explodes. Once you destroy one in each region the achievement will pop dance


Silos (John's Region)
1) Bradbury Farm
2) Bradbury Hay Field
3) Davenport Farm
4) Flatiron Stockyards
5) Gardenview Orchards
6) Holland Valley Station
7) Hyde Barn
8) Kellett Cattle Co.
9) Parker Laboratories (Field across the road)
10) Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm
11) Red’s Farm Supply
12) Seed Ranch
13) Strickland Farm
14) Sunrise Threshing

Shrines (Dutch's Region)
1) Northern shore of the island
2) Western Shore (Top of the mini island)

Shrines (Faith's Region)
1) Cougars Camp, go West towards the road (North of Moonflower Trailer Park)
2) Deep North Water Treatment Plant, go East, on the river bank north of boat shop
3) Dire Wolf Basin, North of Moonflower Trailer Park
4) Directly East of Nature Cabin, West across the road from Moonflower Trailer Park
5) Directly South of The Pillars of Eden, West down the mountain from Joseph's Word
6) East of Rock Bass Lake
7) Hollyhook Saloon, go Southwest, Southeast of Vasquez Residence, on top of the hill
8) Northwest of Hope County Jail, top/tip of the hill by the river
9) On tall Mountain east of Moonflower Trailer Park
10) Sacred Skies Youth Camp, go South towards where the dirt and paved road meet
11) South of Eden's Convent, West of Mastodon Geothermal Park
12) South of Jessop Conservatory
13) Southwest of McCallough's Garage, East of Nolan's Fly Shop
14) West down the Road from the Chan Residence on Angel's Peak
15) West of Dead Man's Mill across the bridge/street, East down Angel's Peak
16) West of King's Hot Spring Hotel, On top the mountain East of Moonflower Trailer Park

Wolf Beacons (Jacob's Region)
1) Down the hill East of Wolf's Den , 3 Quad markers by it
2) East of F.A.N.G. Center, north of the Mustard
3) East of Whitetail Park Ranger Station, across the river
4) North of Grand View Hotel, across the lake North of Kokanee Salmon (Hard)
5) North of Linero Building Supplies, South of the Caribou marker
6) North of McKinley Dam/ Cedar Lake, between the mountains
7) North of PIN-KO Radar Station
8) Southwest of Langford Lake
9) West of Hawkeye Tunnel
10) West of North Park Entrance, by the Grizzly Bear marker
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