Far Cry 5 Review by LukeyBaby93

03 Apr 2018 04 Aug 2018
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A dog named Boomer and a Bear named......Cheeseburger.

Clambering, Running, Jumping and Dying are just a few things I have experienced during my time in Hope County. I like many, have enjoyed several iterations of the Far Cry franchise and the initial trailers and promos for Far Cry 5 had me hoping for another exciting open world experience just like its predecessors.

Long gone are the days of Jason Brody and Ajay Ghale, this time Ubisoft elect for the silent type as you take control of a sheriff's deputy referred to as 'Rook'. As you make your way by land, sea and air through the seemingly less exotic, yet more chaotic setting of Rural America you are met with what makes Far Cry great. DISTRACTIONS. Far Cry 5 doesn’t want you to make it from point A to B it wants you to get lost on the way to B, lost in its vast amount of side missions, outposts, prepper stashes, etc. Something I feel prey to throughout, my 30 or so hours in Hope County, however, I don’t regret it. I love the feeling of liberating an outpost silently, the thrill of completing a Clutch Nixion stunt and the sheer joy of chasing a crazed Moose in circles. I love it all.

I mention above the distractions; Far Cry 5 needs these distractions. It needs brakes and pauses in the often-extreme world of the Seed family. This is where Far Cry 5 diverts slightly from its predecessor's foundations, in order to progress through the story and make your way to Jacob Seed. You must first, draw out his siblings from their respective regions by earning 'Resistance Points'. These are earnt by indulging in the words many distractions. Then once you have gathered the required amount you will get you shot at the big man or woman of the region. Each has their own motivations, each has repressed their region in some way or another. For example, Faith's region of Henbane River has a seemingly endless supply of 'Bliss' a drug used to brainwash the people of Hope County. Whereas, on the other hand, you have John Seed who prefers the practices of intimidation, violence and casual mutilation to repress Holland Valley. I think we can all agree the day that the 'Eden Project' rolled into town was a sad day for Hope County. Never the less, this new updated format of how Far Cry 5 delivers its story is interesting and different. As a matter of fact, this format improves the campaign creating cut off points and giving you the player a slightly more structured open world experience.

Graphically, Far Cry 5 is beautiful, but you don't expect anything less. Is it one of the best-looking games on the current gen consoles? Yes, but it falls short of the big hitters such as The Witcher 3 and Assassins Creed Origins in my opinion. Admittedly, during my playthrough, the game did freeze once and I did encounter a slight framerate issue during a, particularly chaotic moment. Nevertheless, these slight graphical hitches did not deter me from continuing.

The madness doesn't stop with the campaign, as the Arcade awaits those who wish to continue delving deeper. Arcade is there to promote longevity and replayability while offering a mixture of solo, co-op, multiplayer alongside the map editor. Only spending a short period of time with Arcade was enough for me to get a lay of the land, the multiplayer was chaotic and due to a lacklustre shooting mechanic, not your typical online experience. The solo and co-op modes had their moments; however, their moments were not enough to make Arcade enjoyable for me. The map editor is impressive and a great tool that is sure to hit the spot with many. However, not to my taste but no map editor has ever been to my taste as I lack the creativity and patience to really create anything interesting or fun. Never the less, in the right hands I am sure that we will see great things being created by the Far Cry community.

As we are on a website devoted to achievements, mentioning them in my review seems appropriate. Overall, the list is pretty simple and not too dissimilar from previous Far Cry games. It varies enough to nullify grinding while also promoting different aspects of the gameplay such as Fishing/Hunting and Guns for Hire and much more. Regardless, the achievement list does contain five Arcade related achievements and if like me you lack the motivation to delve deeper than one-or-two games you can easily fall short of what would be an easy completion.

Overall, Far Cry 5 is an interesting game and well worth playing. It offers a wide range of activities, coupled with an interesting mission format making it one of the standout games of 2018 so far. However, it is not without its faults, luckily the good outweigh the bad in Far Cry's case and comes together to create a game that will appeal to fans of the franchise and welcome newcomers with open arms.

I hope you enjoy this review, it's just something I decided to do while off from work. Please feel free to comment and let me know your personal opinion on Far Cry!
Warboy925You wrote, "However, it is not without its faults, luckily the good out way the bad in Far Cry's case" at the end.

Actually, the word you want is outweigh, great review, plus one from me!
Posted by Warboy925 on 03 Aug 18 at 00:45
LukeyBaby93Hi! Thanks for that, would never have noticed it myself. Corrected and thanks for the positive comment.
Posted by LukeyBaby93 on 04 Aug 18 at 16:20
Sniped a pickleThe most annoying aspect of Far Cry 5 were those stupid kidnappings by Jacob and his brother. You are taken to a training bunker where you have a limited time to kill your way out. I was deeply concentrated on a mission when out of the blue, I lost control of the game to be carried off to the bunker. It was like dancing a delicious slow with a lovely lass only to have the DJ interrupt with Thrashmetal music. I hate when the flow of the game is destroyed. I won't be playing any more Far Cry games. This one ruined it for me.
Posted by Sniped a pickle on 21 Jan at 05:16
EternalNight7I'm enjoying this game, but I don't think it can compare to Far Cry 3 or 4. The cult leader in rural America is a really interesting idea, but I don't think they nailed it like they did the insane Vaas or charismatic Pagan Min. The other games also had more of a funny underlying tone that I think is missing from this entry. Like Far Cry 3 constantly reminded us that our MC is an adrenaline junkie that just came to this island to get crossed, but thankfully he can shoot a gun.

I enjoy the hunting/fishing and the prepper stashes quite a bit, but I actually miss the radio towers and they seemed to have toned down on the number of outposts. I think they made a lot of game design choices based on what could realistically happen in rural America, which may have taken away some of the charm for me.
Posted by EternalNight7 on 22 Jan at 23:29