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You can't take the Sky from Me!

Land 50 Rockets on Mars in a single playthrough

You can't take the Sky from Me!0
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06 Apr 2018
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Rockets are a core component of any colony, at least until you get a viable, self-sustaining population and a Space Elevator for easy exports/import set up.

You can toggle a rocket to make routine trips by turning on "Automated Mode." The rocket will wait to fill up with Rare Metals (and fuel) before launching. It will then repeat this action ad infinitum.

If you want to really speed things up, buy extra rockets for 3,000M each and send cargo rockets with one drone (or a similarly cheap thing). Have them land, refuel, launch, and rinse and repeat.

Keep in mind that rockets will require 40 fuel to launch. I recommend doing this achievement at the "end" of your colony when things are taking care of themselves and you have more money than you know what to do with.