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Lake Monster Hunter

Catch a fish over 40 kg (90 lbs)

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06 Apr 2018
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My Setup

The base rod you start off with
Sonik 6000 FS Black Reel
Korda 25 Supernatural Line
Blowback Rig 4 Gravel hook
and Korda Dumbell 18mm Bait

Like the other solutions say i don think the rod,reel,or line really matter.

So for this achievement i tried the other solutions for several days and i had 2-3 fish get on that could have been the main fish, but they would take me over 200yrds out and i'd lose the fish (Super annoying). So i tried the Peg that is by its self in the fork of the lake and would cast into the cove off to the right only a few yards away in the gravel. And if you are lucky enough the fish will just go to the end of the cove until it wears itself out like the fish i caught did and then boom achievement.

Also would like to say that this was only the 2nd time i ever used this peg. The 1st time i caught a 65lb Carp. Then quit out after catching a boss fish and caught this fish like 15 minutes later.

External image

Then literally the next cast this was caught, so the big fish are for sure there, with some luck should get it quick.

External image
Thickly SettledI caught Puma in about 30 mins with your solution - awesome job, thanks!
Posted by Thickly Settled on 29 Jul 18 at 17:45