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Peachy Keen

Bait Peaches into going back home (Solo Campaign only).

Peachy Keen0
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Kapt SuolisolmuKapt Suolisolmu597,622
17 Apr 2018
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Go to Peaches taxidermy in Faith's region and start Story mission “Here Kitty, Kitty”.
This one unlocks right after you have completed it.
Goggs25This achievement has glitched for me just completed the story mission I can use the cat as a follower and I checked the quests and it says its done but no achievement
Posted by Goggs25 on 31 Jul 18 at 17:38
jose260773I seven glitched achievement at the end of game.
And this is one.
Posted by jose260773 on 31 Jul 18 at 19:55
Goggs25This achievement has glitched for me MS has fixed the achievement issues and still this has not unlocked.


I had to start the game again for the achievement to unlock
Posted by Goggs25 on 04 Aug 18 at 13:10
johndoesfroyoGlitched for me on three different profiles only resolution is replay to unlock. Shenanigans. /:
Posted by johndoesfroyo on 24 Apr 20 at 07:51