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Long-term commitment

Complete at least 1 Weekly Challenge each week for a month

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17 Apr 2018 17 Apr 2018
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If you're having trouble unlocking this achievement, try this:

WARNING: You'll need your Xbox One to be online and you'll need a working internet connection when restarting the game!

After completing one, two or all three challenges for the week, exit the game (press cn_guide, highlight Halo Wars 2, press cn_start, select Quit) and delete your save. To delete your save, highlight Halo Wars 2 and press the Menu button cn_start on your controller. Select Manage game and go to Saved data. Highlight your save, press cn_A and select Delte from console. Next time you launch the game, it will synchronize the local data with the data in the cloud and update correctly.

Do this once a week in four consecutive weeks and the achievement should pop.

Further explanation:
I've had trouble unlocking this achievement because when launching the game, it would randomly not find my saved data. Skulls were locked, campain logs were marked as new/unread, the game asked me if I want to play the Blitz tutorial, my campain saves were gone etc... On Halowaypoint, the daily and weekly challenges would update correctly, so I realized that there must be an issue with the startup and initial loading of the gamedata.

Try it and tell me if it worked for you.

As a sidenote on efficiency: If you're trying to get daily AND weekly challenges done, do the weekly challenges last. Completing the seven daily challenges might give you some progress towards your weekly challenges.
BLOWFISH666After 32 weeks of trying without success i used this method & the achievement finally popped today!!

This could be a fluke but considering i've also had issues with the game randomly deleting saved data & forgetting which dlc packs i own i'm more inclined to believe that using your tactic of deleting your local saved data before you boot up the game and redownloading it fixes the problem. Thanks for posting this work around OdinAsteroid.
Posted by BLOWFISH666 on 30 Apr 18 at 14:18
OdinAsteroidHaha BLOWFISH, after 32 weeks! How cool is that? I've seen you looking for a solution on Halowaypoint as well =) Thanks for your comment!
Posted by OdinAsteroid on 30 Apr 18 at 19:11
ShaneanigensDo you delete both save data? The reserved space and other local save?
Posted by Shaneanigens on 06 May 18 at 21:41
OdinAsteroidYou can leave the reserved space. Only delete the local save.
Posted by OdinAsteroid on 06 May 18 at 21:57
Blackout 4171Thanks u OdinAsteroid for your solution, that had work for me ;)
Posted by Blackout 4171 on 13 May 18 at 17:46
ShaneanigensHot damn it worked, GENIUS!
Posted by Shaneanigens on 13 May 18 at 18:33
OdinAsteroidThx for the feedback and gj unlocking the achievement!
Posted by OdinAsteroid on 13 May 18 at 20:10
YaziteJust to clarify, doing this workaround won't unlock it retroactively, will it? I did it for 11 weeks straight a while ago until I gave up. What you're saying is that you need to start fresh, doing for the 4 weeks straight, with this workaround?
Posted by Yazite on 28 May 18 at 16:46
AlangelusI did this but the progress bar has not increaed. Did all three for this week, then followed the solution. It synced when I loaded the game, but I don't have any progression towards the achievement (25% complete on bar).
Posted by Alangelus on 29 May 18 at 13:05
OdinAsteroidYazite, you need to start fresh.

Alangelus, I don't know if the progression bar updates correctly. It might not.
Posted by OdinAsteroid on 29 May 18 at 22:16
Altis21I have been testing the solution for 5 weeks and I still have nothingangry. Can you enlighten me with your experience?

- With what action was the achievement unlocked ? Online game (blitz, skirmish)? A local game against IA worked ? When unlocking a daily / weekly challenge ?

- I do not see the progression advance on the achievement, it's normal?

- Should we do the challenges and delete the save quickly or can we do them 3 or 4 days after the challenges renewal?

- When you delete the save on the console, you must restart the game immediately or wait for the next challenges renewal?

- Should I make no challenges a week to reboot the counter?

- Last week, I had blocked skulls and lost saves again before I had the time to do the challenges. This may have reset my progression?

Thanks in advance.
Note: I am French so sorry if I do not speak very well
Posted by Altis21 on 31 May 18 at 11:17
Blackout 4171Altis21 pour les defis tu peux le faire en privé en escarmouche ou blitz dans tous les cas ça marche
la progression ne s'affiche pas c'est normal tqt
tu peux faire le défi quand tu veux mais tu dois te reco seulement quand les défis ont été reinitialiser
tu peux essayer de laisser une semaine vierge
tqt les cranes bloqués et campagne vide c'est normal ça bug juste
Posted by Blackout 4171 on 01 Jun 18 at 21:15
Altis21Effectivement je relançais le jeu tout de suite après avoir supprimé ma sauvegarde. Je vais essayer en attendant la réinitialisation des défis pour me reconnecter.
Merci pour ta réponse "Blackout 4171".
Posted by Altis21 on 04 Jun 18 at 07:18
JellyfisshThank you OdinAsteroid!! The solution worked!! smile
Posted by Jellyfissh on 10 Jun 18 at 17:50
Altis21I finally unlocked this very glitchy achievement clap. With your solution, I unlocked the achievement after 7 weeks. But one of the first few weeks I made the challenge over several days and the game bugged between two launches of the game headspin. So I recommend doing the weekly challenge in a single game launch and delete the backup.
Good luck everyone.
Posted by Altis21 on 18 Jul 18 at 07:13
Yoh9I've been trying this method for 5 weeks now and nothin.

I've been logging on, doing the weekly challenge, exiting the game, deleting my local save file, rebooting the game and having it re-synch at the start of each week.

Any ideas or suggestions?
Posted by Yoh9 on 22 Jul 18 at 17:08
Jennitiger1138Same here, doing exactly as described, guess it's just a case of keep doing it and hoping for the best, game is a buggy mess so hardly a surprise.
Posted by Jennitiger1138 on 23 Sep 18 at 09:22
OdinAsteroidDid you get
Halo Wars 2Short-term commitmentThe Short-term commitment achievement in Halo Wars 2 worth 93 pointsComplete at least 1 Daily Challenge each day for a week
without any problems? I don't have any additional tips, maybe check on if your challenges are registered on the servers?!

Yoh9 you still didn't unlock it? hm...
Posted by OdinAsteroid on 23 Sep 18 at 12:44
NITEMARECREATORI just popped Short-Term a few minutes ago. I would recommend that you check 1st to make sure the progress uploaded before you follow OdinAsteroid's steps...
Posted by NITEMARECREATOR on 25 Sep 18 at 23:30
Nah, still haven't gotten it. I kept trying for an additional 5 weeks and still nothin. I recently moved, so I missed a week and have to try over again this week.

I'll check halowaypoint before i follow your guide, just to make sure.

Also, ya I got short term with no issues whatsoever.
Posted by Yoh9 on 28 Sep 18 at 09:56
YaziteI used this method and FINALLY got this fucking trash achievement after week 6. So glad I never have to do this again. Thanks for the guide
Posted by Yazite on 07 Oct 18 at 08:46
NITEMARECREATORI will CONFIRM this method works!! dance dance

After I obtained the daily or weekly challenge in game, I would go to Halowaypoint to confirm that the server recorded the challenge(s) that I just obtained. I would then follow OdinAsteroid's steps of closing the game and deleting the local save. When the game starts up the following day or week, you will notice it "syncing" to the server. Play and obtain the challenge(s) required, rinse and repeat and you will be rewarded.

I now can delete this from my console forever!!
Posted by NITEMARECREATOR on 09 Oct 18 at 12:16
Yoh9Checking HaloWaypoint before closing the game to delete your local save worked. Got the achievement after the completion of the weekly challenge on the 4th week.
Posted by Yoh9 on 25 Nov 18 at 16:20
OdinAsteroidCool, congrats! Thx for the feedback!
Posted by OdinAsteroid on 25 Nov 18 at 16:46
branstoneboyStill working as of the latest update. Did 4 weeks in a row in January with no luck then tried again for 4 weeks doing this and just got it!
Posted by branstoneboy on 12 Feb 19 at 21:22
OdinAsteroidWhy not do it my way right from the start? haha, j/k Nicely done!
Posted by OdinAsteroid on 14 Feb 19 at 14:29
Sir NoahLot 122Just got this achievement after my first four consecutive weeks, without any issues. I don’t know if maybe they fixed it but I thought it would be worth noting that I was playing on my laptop, since it’s a play anywhere game. I’m curious if there’s less tracking issues on the pc.
Posted by Sir NoahLot 122 on 07 Apr 19 at 14:52
AcE ViCTiMiZERGreat solution, worked like a charm for both the daily and weekly challenge achievements. Definitely recommend doing it this way from the beginning just to be safe. I wanted to give this game the benefit of the doubt after its many updates and didn't, but 'fortunately' my progress already reset after the first week, meaning this achievement only took 1 week longer than intended. Upvote for both solutions from me.
Posted by AcE ViCTiMiZER on 23 Jun 19 at 12:33
OdinAsteroidThanks for the feedback! Good to know it still works!
Posted by OdinAsteroid on 23 Jun 19 at 17:46
TG Airborne 88Great detailed guide! Upvote from me.
Working on my first week now on my first attempt (recently started this game, that's why).
So 3 more weeks after this.
Ps, since I am playing on pc, I'll nees to synch it to Xbox first after checking halowaypoint if the challenges are truly finished and apply your solution / method after. I'll let you know if the four consecutive weeks are a success instead of going over with more weeks to do lol.
Posted by TG Airborne 88 on 21 Jul 19 at 18:33
I NVIII IJust done what I believe is my 7th week in a row of doing this and still nothing, absolutely hate HW2 and HWDE's achievements.
Posted by I NVIII I on 28 Jul 19 at 14:26
OdinAsteroidSorry to hear that. Are the challenges showing as completed on Halowaypoint? Is the game sychronizing after you deleted your local save?
Posted by OdinAsteroid on 29 Jul 19 at 13:22
I NVIII IYeah they show up as complete and each time it is also synchronizing, just seems super bugged for mecry
Posted by I NVIII I on 05 Aug 19 at 02:37
I NVIII IGoing to give this another shot starting Dec 1st. Hopefully luck is on my side this time.
Posted by I NVIII I on 08 Nov 19 at 12:16
OdinAsteroidDo it. Just. Do it.^^
Posted by OdinAsteroid on 09 Nov 19 at 09:53
AmethystineI just got this achievement after doing the 'delete local save' method during the previous 3 weeks. Today, upon completing a new weekly challenge, the achievement unlocked as it was meant to. [Before deleting my save again, of course]
Posted by Amethystine on 05 Apr at 16:08
OdinAsteroidAmethystine Thank you for reporting back =)
Posted by OdinAsteroid on 07 Apr at 08:35