Sea of Thieves Review by Hunter226037

18 Apr 2018
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So I was waiting for this new Microsoft exclusive to come out, and I thought "god I hope this one doesn't suck like all Microsoft exclusives do nowadays". Im so glad to say that I was wrong.

So right off the bat this game has no story. Who needs story right when we have 'games as service' right? Im sure people can make their own story by doing the same quests over and over again.

I had the pleasure of playing the game when it first came out, to my suprise it seemed like Rare forgot to include a server that works. It's okay, I love sitting in a lobby until I die from boredom. Thats what games are supposed to be about, right guys?

After Rare finally realized they needed something to run this 'MMO' on besides a potato, I came to another conclusion... Achievements won't unlock. YAAAYY! I love playing games with broken achievements.

This game is amazing, as a matter of fact it is so amazing that the Kraken, you know that big thing that they used for marketing purposes, it has no body. Its just arms that come out of the water, isn't that just a sign of polish and effort put in by Rare?

Finally the best and most important thing about the game, the achievement requirements. You know I don't know what the big fuss is with these requirements. "Get rank 50 in all 3 factions" Cmon guys this is possible, if you have no job or other commitments and play nothing but this all of the time. I mean despite not 1 person on TA has completed the game, that doesn't mean that the achievements are bad.

This game is 100% perfection and deserves nothing but the highest praise. I will fight anyone that disagrees with me because I can't handle the thought of this game not being good.
It's fun with friends
Posted on 19 Apr 18 at 02:05
ArchTirannusBut Hunter is totally and absolutely right. You are as well, but i am starting to realise the cons are bigger than the pros
Posted by ArchTirannus on 19 Apr 18 at 14:20
Inside joke, dude. "It's fun with friends" is the only argument I've seen people use to defend this game. For a game that takes place in the ocean, it's as shallow as the second song off Deadwing.
Posted on 19 Apr 18 at 22:06
Ostrowidzki1989Another Microsoft tire fire of a game.
Posted by Ostrowidzki1989 on 23 Apr 18 at 03:57

Posted on 22 May 18 at 19:50
crowbo 360Sea of Thieves has issues, absolutely no doubt about it.

Firstly, it could benefit from a test server so that their patches aren't broken, or break something else, upon release.

Secondly, the tasks are repetitive by nature, are as many other games in a similar genre and it is reliant upon those playing to create their own "stories" and "adventures".

But come on, 1/2 a star?
Posted by crowbo 360 on 31 May 18 at 13:14
AbsoIuteZero xThis is by far the funniest review I have ever read.
Posted by AbsoIuteZero x on 13 Jun 18 at 13:45
DevilofNunsA review without stating the content of the game is just an opinion out of many opinions. If the Hunter would be right, why are still so many gamers playing that game and love it.

A review shoul include firstly the content of the game. What are you supposed to do, what kind of game can I expect when I buy it. And then point out personal pros and cons about it.

This review is just badly written. Of course there are no lies in it, as it was buggy in the beginning. And it is far from perfect even now. But, the author is just pointing out the negative facts and neglecting any positive things in the game which there is for sure, e.g.:

- the best water/ocean graphics in a game
- innovative gameplay (which other game is even slightly similar to this one?)
- no in-game purchases with real money (a trend I really hate)
- promised new content (up to this comment there was the Hungering Deep and the start of Weekly Events with Finding the Bilge Rat's Thrones June/16th/2018).

That is why I give this "Review" a negative as it is no good review stating objective facts why I think so.
Posted by DevilofNuns on 16 Jun 18 at 20:51
VuxurIn response to Nonnenteufel1:

"A review should include firstly the content of the game."
This game has no content.

A review should secondly... wait, that's it.

As for your positive aspects:

The graphics are nice, but aren't an excuse for the lack of any substance.
The gameplay is not innovative at all. Assassin's Creed 4's ship mechanics are more innovative, engaging, and meaningful than anything in Sea of Thieves. If you've played Ark: Survival Evolved and sailed around on a raft for five minutes, you've played this game.
There can't be in-game microtransactions for game elements that don't exist.
"Promising new content" for a $60 game that releases with none is the dumbest "positive" thing about a game I've ever read.

Sorry, but this game is terrible. Please don't defend it.
Posted by Vuxur on 21 Jun 18 at 07:33
kaizenkoSadly I agree with Hunter. You don't have purpose or motivation to keep playing this game. Why should I spend my time ranking up factions to become a legendary pirate? Oh yeah, to repeat EXACTLY the same quest types and have some irrelevant cosmetic items.

And about cosmetic items... What the point in have a progression fully based in cosmetic items in a first person game? I can't see my hat, wooden leg, scars or tatoos over the gameplay.

Even with new content coming up to the game, I still don't see this game catch me, because of these base problems that Rare doesn't think in fix.
Posted by kaizenko on 26 Jun 18 at 12:16
UnfadingShimmyRare did not go out and try to make another cookie cutter game to attract every kind of gamer. Think of it this way Hunter226037. Should we tell you that you are wrong for having a strange fetish that we do not have.

Now go enjoy something you love and let us do the same. wink
Posted by UnfadingShimmy on 17 Jul 18 at 05:12
James12183This is one of the poorest excuses for a review I have seen.
Posted by James12183 on 27 Jul 18 at 19:33
James12183@H2 Logic We defend it because it is not terrible.
Posted by James12183 on 31 Jul 18 at 17:02
xMANNY FRE5HxPretty effing hilarious. +1
Posted by xMANNY FRE5Hx on 15 Mar 19 at 01:48
DA CYBER TIGERI genuinely enjoyed this review, might start it and hopefully have as much fun as yourself laugh
Posted by DA CYBER TIGER on 30 Apr 19 at 21:20