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Ascend a troop to Mythic rarity

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19 Apr 2018
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Having not obtained this using the other methods, I discovered another route for upgrading your troop to Mythic.
This method is dependent on playing either Dungeons or being in a Guild long enough to have obtained Orbs as guild rewards.

On the Troop Upgrade tab, tab over to "Orbs" tab; some orbs will instantly allow you to upgrade Epic or Legendary troops to Mythic.

In my case, an "Orb of Ascension" allowed me to level up one rarity, and bring my Legendary straight to Mythic, without any need to ascend in the regular fashion!

Side note - I was then able to unlock Level 20 for 1,000 souls, unlocking
Gems of WarCounselorThe Counselor achievement in Gems of War worth 271 pointsTrain any troop to level 20

Hope this helps someone, let me know any questions!
Malicious FuryWhat do I have to do to get an Orb of Ascension?
Posted by Malicious Fury on 15 Jul 19 at 15:13
Pete5683An Orb of Chaos is a reward from Guild events (i.e. this week's "Tower of Doom".
Upon opening it randomly becomes one of the 6 orbs you see on the 2nd tab of a character. You can also craft these in the Soulforge.
Posted by Pete5683 on 18 Jul 19 at 10:48
Malicious FuryThanks, Pete5683. I got my first Orb the other day, but it was one of the other types. I'll keep playing the guild events and saving up glory
Posted by Malicious Fury on 22 Jul 19 at 17:33