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Aaron Griffin Challenge

Get 750 Kills in Versus or Horde.

20 Apr 2018 until 30 Apr 2018

Aaron Griffin Challenge
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21 Apr 2018 21 Apr 2018
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Juvie Madness!!

think by far the quickest and fun way to get this is Juvie madness mode. As heavy, soldier or a scout..
Aprox 30 minutes to do 25 waves, should easily get 250 kills so 2-3 juvie madness's should easily net most ppl this, even with randoms.

Stick a 200kill bounty on for 25k xp too... Which is all good , plus you'll earn some horde cards along the way. 🙂

I got him after 2.5 juvie horde games
MulticronXIf you have halfway decent Sniper Horde cards, Sniper Strike on wave 41 or 49 is the way to go. Even if you hog almost every kill in Juvie Madness it will take a lot longer. I didn't downvote because if you have crap Sniper cards you can do this with some decent scout cards.
Posted by MulticronX on 21 Apr 18 at 12:01
neosaladSniper strike was the obvious one for people ..
But gets boring.
I think this take similar amount of time but running around meleeing or grenading juvies a bit you also earn more XP and some horde cards too.. But both work well for the kilks
Posted by neosalad on 22 Apr 18 at 17:17
SgtScrotes310got him in one game. played juvie madness on normal and the entire team left during wave 12....don't know why. so i continued to play until wave 19 and challenge unlocked.
Posted by SgtScrotes310 on 27 Apr 18 at 02:44
neosaladThey were probably boosting for xp (a lot of people put on a 100 or 200 kill bounty then quit once hehe done it)
All the better for you though.. 😃👍
Posted by neosalad on 28 Apr 18 at 08:53
BigBaldNBeardedI got it through this method. As someone who hasn't played that much, it was a pain as top players left after they got their 200 kills and left me to fend for myself lol. I got through it though and was A LOT faster than regular Horde.
Posted by BigBaldNBearded on 29 Apr 18 at 14:26