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The Blood of a Nemesis

You've slain Robert de Sable, but there is one more...

The Blood of a Nemesis0
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Ebon DarkmoonEbon Darkmoon71,466
12 Feb 2009
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Follow your map marker to the southwest district. Blend in with the group of scholars. Once you are inside, just stand with the crowd and watch.

Once the funeral is over, prepare for battle. You're going to have to kill a lot of Robert's guard just to reach him. If you are proficient with the Hidden Blade counter kill, now is an excellent time to use it.

Once you've dispatched enough of Robert's men, dispose of Robert in any manner you see fit.

Once you've viewed the rather interesting cutscene, just make your way back to the Assassin's Bureau for the achievement.
PannerupLast sentence is untrue :)
Posted by Pannerup on 28 Dec 09 at 00:40
olde fortran 77You don't get this achievement after the funeral because, well, "spoiler alert" if I explain why. And the Pannerup's comment is correct. You don't get the achievement when you return to the bureau. You get it when you actually kill de Sable.
The strategy is workable, however.
Posted by olde fortran 77 on 30 Aug 10 at 12:28
Solario32Fun fight :)
Posted by Solario32 on 20 Sep 11 at 03:13
Octobot Superolde fortran 77 is correct. You don't get this achievement for completing the "kill" at the funeral. Rather, you'll get it when you complete the memory that comes after the two blue memories (the extra one that's not usually there).
Posted by Octobot Super on 30 Jun 12 at 10:53