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Operation Narco Road: Kill 50 enemies with any gang's vehicle

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There's a very fast and easy way to obtain this achievement:
1 - Start "A Prophet on Wheels" mission (the 1st one on The Death Riders' region).
2 - Talk to Arturo and go to the designated spot.
3 - Call for a Monster Truck via Radio.
4 - Hit everyone you can with your vehicle.
5 - Let an enemy kill you if necessary and repeat process until you get the achievement.
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Nomad II 373 II This is the route I used, it is really easy. Outside the mine entrance, there are about a dozen soldiers perfectly lined up in a line. It took me three reloads to get this achievement. Perfect thanks.
Posted by Nomad II 373 II on 25 Jan 19 at 17:20
TheIcemanCometh Terrible DLC, but great solution. laugh
Posted by TheIcemanCometh on 16 Feb at 14:39