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Full wardrobe

Obtain all win screens while playing as Shantae in her Ninja, Beach, and Officer costumes!

Full wardrobe0
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Evil AlucardEvil Alucard1,176,268
17 May 2018
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You need to obtain all victory screen in beach, officer and ninja mode. You don't have to get all four in one playthrough.
1. Game Complete : Just Beat the Game.

2. 100 % :Collect all Dream Squids

3. 100 % FASTEST TIME I recommend learning where the Dream Squids are in each level, not saving, then reload and replaying it and doing it flawlessly. Then save. Any time you fail make sure to go to main menu to load and not continue. Continue will add your fail time onto your total.
Beach : 1h05
Officer : 1h05
Ninja : 1h00

4. FASTEST TIME : No Dream Squids Need
Beach : 50m
Officer : 50m
Ninja : 45m

And very important Skip all dialogues because the timer don't stop while a dialogue.