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The boss

Hire all heroes

The boss+1.9
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22 May 2018
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The guide by reforc3 is a much more detailed guide including strategy tips, but I thought I would make a concise guide with just the basics for those that want it.

There was an update since the game's launch that added more heroes- these are not required for the achievement, only the original 35. You must have at least 1 of each hero in the same ascension (I often skip the lower level heroes and was wondering why it didn't pop when I bought Astrea then I bought one of each of the lower ones and it popped). Mine unlocked around level 2100, but I had the ancient, Dogcog pretty high level so my guess is you should be able to get it by 2300 by the latest.

The heroes needed (listed in order of availability) are:
1. Cid, the helpful adventurer
2. Treebeast
3. Ivan, the drunken brawler
4. Brittany, beach princess
5. The wondering fisherman
6 Betty Clicker
7 The masked samurai
8. Leon
9. The great forest seer
10. Alexa, assassin
11. Natalie, ice apprentice
12. Mercedes, success of blades
13. Bobby, bounty hunter
14. Broyle lindeoven, fire mage
15. Ser George II, king's guard
16. King Midas
17. Referi jerator, ice wizard
18. Abaddon
19. Ma zhu
20. Amenhotep
21. Beastlord
22. Athena, goddess of war
23. Aphrodite, goddess of love
24. Shinobetobe, wind diety
25. Grant, the general
26. Frostleaf
27. Dreadknight
28. Atlas
29. Terra
30. Phthalo
31. Orntchya gladeye, didensy banana
32. Lillin
33. Cadmia
34. Alabaster
35. Astrea
Kol MagiusThank you. This achievement is best served with the list of heroes needed and a few tips, people should look at Zone Conqueror or the walkthrough for details on making progress. The game changes too frequently to have a detailed progress guide in too many places. I appreciate the effort that went into the other solution for this achievement, but seriously people trying to reach Astraea should be wary of strategy from someone who is “working on Shinatobe”.
Posted by Kol Magius on 24 Dec 19 at 03:29