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CARAVAN MODE 1,000,000 points

CARAVAN MODE 1,000,000 points.

CARAVAN MODE 1,000,000 points0
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25 May 2018 25 Aug 2019
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okay so A2L's suggestion is actually good and i only write this one in case someone gets frustrated trying it.

use Mudman
press and hold Dpad left or right (opposite your opponent) while u tap RB. get the timing down

i think the down thumbs for the usage of x is fair. i found RB worked 99% of the time. 100% at the time i got this achievement.

if this suggestion saves u the frustration then please give both of us a thumb up. i tried 100 things before i got this to work and wouldnt have tried again if not for his strategy having 22 plus ones. no other character was nearly this consistant.
TheOnlyMattojust spam that move. its bound to win
Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 25 May 18 at 09:51
JeffGOMESPerfect character ... +1 tks clap
Posted by JeffGOMES on 16 Jul 18 at 00:28
Noodles JrThis isn't even remotely working for me. If the enemy isn't upright and grounded, then the attack completely misses, and they're almost always airborne or down low. I'm gonna need a video or something because I can't even take them down to half health with this
Posted by Noodles Jr on 25 Aug 19 at 17:54
Noodles JrAlright I see what was happening. Make sure you're holding the stick in the direction OPPOSITE of where the opponent is. When I wasn't doing that, I was getting obliterated in seconds every time. This method also unfortunately doesn't work very well against Mudman, because he keeps jumping, so I just had to fight him normally.
Posted by Noodles Jr on 25 Aug 19 at 18:00