Overwatch: Origins Edition Review by joFuRi

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01 Jun 2018
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I recently brought this game after being nagged by friends. It's a decent game, decent gameplay and enough characters to choose from. The graphics are of a cartoon-ish style, there is no blood or gore. Although its a 12 age rating I personally don't see why kids cannot play, its no worst than half the cartoons or kids films out there, but that is up to individual parents to decide. As someone who rarely plays first person shooters, and when I do I'm terrrible, this game is no differnce. This is online only, so you will need the internet to play. If you don't know what this is about it is basically a Team vs Team of various game types, and is usually more fun with friends. If you love competitive gameplay you'll enjoy this. It often does start to bore me after awhile due to its repetition, so I will often end up after 2-3hrs sticking in a RPG or something. You will find that you will get better as you play more, and you will start to learn what chararcters suit you most {I personally prefer Soldier, Tracer, Sombra, Hanzo and Widowmaker}, but for a casual gamer you will die, rage and sigh but cheer and feel a great accomplishment when you get your first kill, then your ten and so forth. Obviously not all players play fair, some games will test your patience lol