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Daylight Saving Time

Time Stop five minutes worth of accumulated time.

Daylight Saving Time0
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02 Jun 2018 02 Jun 2018
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How: Unlock the achievement by activating time stop a large number of times until the resulting stopped time totals five minutes. You activate Time Stop by pressing cn_RB. Earliest opportunity to unlock: As soon as you learn Time Stop close to the end of Act 1, Part 2. This occurs in a scripted event triggered by opening the door to Will's Car in the parking lot. Time Stop is a very useful technique. If used when called for, the achievement will unlock naturally through the normal course of game play.

You do not need to grind for this achievement because you will be using time stop quite frequently during the game. If you want to get the achievement out of the way early, you can unlock the achievement early by repeatedly activating Time Stop. The earliest opportunity is in the parking lot where you learn the technique. When you use Time Stop, you deplete a gauge that requires a few seconds to recharge. Taking the charging time into consideration, activate Time Stop over and over again. Boosting it in this manner should unlock the achievement in about 15 minutes.

Note: The achievement is relatively unaffected by difficulty and can easily be unlocked on Hard Difficulty in the above manner.