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Quantum Break

Quantum Break

Quantum Break
Focus. Aim. Pull.

Get 10 head shots while using Dodge Focus.

Focus. Aim. Pull.0
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How to unlock: On ten occasions, press cn_LB in the vicinity of an enemy. This slows time down for a short duration. Before time resumes normally, shoot the enemy in the head by pressing cn_LT to aim, placing the reticle on the enemies head with cn_RS adjusting your position as necessary with cn_LS, and shooting by pressing cn_RT. It is possible to shoot more than one enemy in the head during the same Dodge Focus maneuver. In order to count towards the achievement, the enemies must be in the area affected by the slowed time. Earliest opportunity to unlock: Act 1, part 3 just after you learn the Dodge Focus technique.

Dodge Focus Headshots require a precision shot to the head while Dodge Focus is active. Accordingly, unlocking the achievement requires a certain amount of attentiveness. Nevertheless, there are many opportunities in the game to perform Dodge Focus headshots. If you take advantage of these opportunities as they present themselves, you should unlock the achievement in the normal course of game play.

If you want to get the achievement out of the way, the earliest it can be unlocked is in the first part of Act 1, Part 3. After you reenter the lecture hall and open the door at the top of the stairs, a scripted event occurs as you bump into two enemies. You are prompted to press left bumper to perform Dodge Focus. There are three enemies in the room, perform dodge focus against any one of them. A good technique is to get close to the enemy and press cn_LB while pressing cn_LS in the enemy's direction. Shoot the enemy in the head while he is knocked back and still under the influence of the time slowed down by Dodge Focus.

Use Time Vision by pressing cn_Y to see enemy locations while using the posts and bookcases for cover and concealment. You may use Time Stop by pressing cn_LB in order to isolate the enemy you intend to target. When you have eliminated the three enemies, reload the checkpoint. You will find yourself at the top of the stairs just outside the door you have to open in order to trigger learning Dodge Focus. Again, eliminate the enemies in the room trying to kill as many as possible with Dodge Focus headshots.

You may want to activate the Achievement Tracker and track the Focus, Aim, Pull achievement to assist you in determining when you are executing the Dodge Focus headshot correctly--it is not always obvious.

Continue reloading the checkpoint after you eliminate all enemies in the room. Each time you reload the checkpoint just outside the reading room, try to kill the enemies with Dodge Focus headshots. If you are killed you will revert to that checkpoint at the top of the stairs just outside the reading room. Open the door and continue to attempt to kill the enemies with Dodge Focus headshots. When you kill your tenth enemy with a Dodge Focus headshot, the achievement will unlock.

1. I prefer to go into the options menu and disable Aim Assist. I find, with it on, enemy center of mass is targeted with some 'stickiness' that interferes with moving the reticle to the head. With aim assist off, if I keep the camera angle on the head while performing the Dodge Focus, the reticle is close to the head and can be adjusted with a little nudge. This may be an issue of personal preference. If you are having difficulty making the headshots, go into the Options and experiment with Aim Assist. There are three options--Low, Full, and Disabled.

2. Against a single enemy, the achievement is relatively unaffected by difficulty. If executed correctly, the enemy is stunned while the head shot is taken. Accordingly, it can readily be unlocked on Hard Difficulty in the above manner. If there is more than enemy present, you will be exposed to greater risk the greater the difficulty. The risk is mitigated, to some extent, because nearby enemies are blown back and stunned by the effects of Dodge Focus. Nevertheless, if the presence of additional enemies complicates the maneuver, reduce their numbers and perform the Dodge Focus Headshots when you are comfortable with the tactical situation.