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Deflect 200 bullets with the Time Shield.

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03 Jun 2018
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How to unlock: You press cn_B to activate Time Shield when being shot. The Time Shield will deflect bullets targeting you. The achievement unlocks when the cumulative total of bullets deflected reaches 200. This takes a number of times of using Time Shield. The more bullets are shot at you during each use of Time Shield, the faster the achievement will unlock. Earliest opportunity to unlock: Towards the end of Act 1, Part 3 just after you enter the east wing of the library and learn Time Shield as part of a scripted event.

Since you are shot at repeatedly during the game, you have many opportunities to use Time Shield to deflect bullets. So, as long as you employ time shield as a defensive technique in battles, the achievement should unlock during normal game play.

If you want to get the achievement out of the way at the earliest opportunity, it is quite simple to unlock it right after you learn Time Shield. As you enter the east wing of the library in Act 1, Part 3 as part of normal story progression; you are shot at and a scripted event prompts you to press cn_B in order to activate Time Shield. The end of the scripted event places you in a temporarily safe position behind a column.

You have to defeat a number of Monarch security guards who will fire at you with a barrage of bullets. Activate Time Shield by pressing cn_B when they do so. After, the effect wears off, seek safety. It takes a few seconds for Time Shield to recharge. Use cover and concealment, evasion, Time Stop, and Dodge Focus to keep yourself safe until you can employ Time Shield again. Continue in this manner, deflecting bullets with Time Shield and then using defensive maneuvers while you wait for it to recharge. The achievement will unlock when the 200th bullet is deflected.

If you perish in the gun battle, you will revert to a checkpoint just outside the east wing of the library. When you enter, you will, again, trigger the scripted event that teaches you Time Shield. Nevertheless, the game will credit the bullets deflected before you perished towards this achievement. You may want to activate the achievement tracker and track personal space so that you are aware of the progress you are making towards unlocking the achievement.

After you unlock the achievement, defeat the enemies. There are plenty of explosive tanks if you still need secondary explosions for the Area Effect achievement.

Note on difficulty: Defense, waiting for Time Shield to recharge, will be more challenging the greater the difficulty. However, the achievement will unlock faster because there will be more bullets. So, the achievement can be unlocked using the above approach on any difficulty setting including Hard.