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Chronon Surge

Upgrade a time power.

Chronon Surge0
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05 Jun 2018 07 Jun 2018
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How to unlock: Apply a Chronon Source to upgrade any time ability. Earliest opportunity to unlock the achievement: Act 2, Part 1. In the industrial warehouse shortly after the game explains destructible objects, you must shoot a pulley suspending some lumber to proceed. Shortly after that, the Time Vision Icon on the right hand side of the screen will blink. The game explains about Chronon Sources. This is a scripted event and the game will guide you to the first Chronon Source. Picking it up and using it to upgrade a time power will unlock the achievement.

When the Time Vision icon on the right hand side of the screen is blinking, pressing cn_Y, will bring up a small radar-like screen with a yellow circle showing the proximity of the Chronon Source with respect to your position. Guided by this screen, as you move close to the Chronon source, a cn_Y prompt will appear. Pick up the Chronon Source by holding cn_Y. If you have tutorials set to on in the options, the game provides an explanatory panel on Upgrades at the top of the screen. It says to press the View button, to access the upgrade screen. Do so. Select the ability you want to upgrade and hold cn_A until the upgrade is assigned unlocking the achievement in the process.

Note that there is an achievement for unlocking Time Stop or Time Dodge to it fullest potential. If you want to unlock this achievement at the earliest opportunity, you will want to apply your first Chronon Source to one of these two powers. After that, you will want to apply the next ten Chronon Sources to that same power in order to fully upgrade it in the shortest amount of time.

Recommendation: Use one Chronon Source to upgrade Time Stop to Increased Strength. This is a valuable power. In my opinion, a fully upgraded Time Stop is more useful than a fully upgraded Time Dodge so I recommend working on it first. Nevertheless, to get the achievement, any upgraded Time Power will unlock it so select the one that you feel will help you the most.