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Silent Death

DLC Vietnam: Perform 25 stealth kills while you have the 4 survival instinct tokens.

Silent Death0
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07 Jun 2018
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to add to Segendary's guide

as tricky as it sounds, getting 29 stealth kills in a row is pretty easy. i got this right at the start of the game, you'll be able to get the 4 kills to start the streak with the 2 groups of 2 right at the beginning, from then you can get 25 stealth kills

moving a bit forward, you'll get a pop up saying a commander is nearby, he is inside a building with 4 soldiers surrounding him, if you lure out the soldiers throwing rocks and take them out 1 by 1, the commander will flee but don't worry about him. this will trigger a good few soldiers to converge on the building in small groups, make use of the binoculars to scout and track the movement. use rocks to distract them if needed and continue to take them out

took me max 25/30 minutes