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Fill in the holes and complete the code

Complete a genome to 100%

Fill in the holes and complete the code0
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12 Jun 2018
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All you need is to get one Genome all the way to 100 percent.
Very early in the game you will receive the ability to send expeditions to retrieve fossils.
Once you get that in order to knock this achievement fast you can send expeditions to dig sites that only have one class of dinosaur fossils. (you can probably do Triceratops since i got a few early missions to improve the genome for that specific dinosaur) .

Expeditions sent to dig sites with only one type of dinosaur will bring back fossils of only that species so you can improve the genome a lot faster. Once it reaches 100% it will pop the achievement.
logicslayerI had to 100% 4 genomes before I finally got this achievement to pop.
Posted by logicslayer on 29 Jul 20 at 13:50