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Gun for Hire

Complete a mercenary contract

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26 Jun 2018 21 Jan 2019
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In order to complete a contract you must complete all 8 stages of one contract. You can use gold to skip each stage of the contract. This will unlock the tank and the achievement.

Steps to signing a contract.
1. Go to "Tanks" tab.
2. Select the "Mercenaries" nation
3. Select a tank that is currently available.
NOTE- Read all the stages as some may require specific tanks/nations/tiers that you may not have.
4. Select "Sign Contract" or pay to skip.
5. Complete or pay to skip all Stages, 8 total. You could also buy out the whole contract in one go instead of paying for each stage, which will be cheaper. (Credit to Darkness727420)
NOTE- The contracts do expire. This can be seen on the top left of the contract page. (Credit to DigestedGolem)

The lower tier the tank you are trying to unlock, the easier it is. The XP requirements will be a lot lower and the parts are of lower tier tanks so if you need to use a tank you don't have for a centain part of a contract, it will be less of a struggle to unlock those tanks.

Here is a very in-depth explanations of the contract system from the official website.

Some of the trickier tasks.
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Along the way you should unlock;
World of TanksCheck's In The MailThe Check's In The Mail achievement in World of Tanks worth 37 pointsComplete the first stage of a mercenary contract
DigestedGolemThis is a good guide. Might be worth noting these contracts appear timed.
Posted by DigestedGolem on 29 Jun 18 at 06:23
ratloachDigestedGolem - you're absolutely right. I've included into the solution and credited you for it. smile
Posted by ratloach on 29 Jun 18 at 08:33
b0seijuAs for the trickier tasks, they both (unspotted target & higher tier tanks) can be done rather easily with artillery too!
Posted by b0seiju on 27 Aug 18 at 06:37
ratloachb0seiju - That certainly does make those tasks easier. I've updated the guide and given you credit for the contribution. smile
Posted by ratloach on 28 Aug 18 at 02:23
DEF ExeioHow do I cancel a mercenary contract ?
Posted by DEF Exeio on 11 Sep 18 at 12:01
ratloachAs of now, you can't cancel it per se. You could just wait for the time to expire or switch to another contract (can only be done one time per day).
Posted by ratloach on 12 Sep 18 at 16:49
Erickson187Getting a mercenary tank is so hard. All of them seem to have at least 1 stage that is impossible to get legit
Posted by Erickson187 on 20 Oct 18 at 17:36
AmazingSpider97I skipped all the contracts and it costs around 6000 gold to get the tank
Posted by AmazingSpider97 on 02 Nov 18 at 21:05
Crater BobMight want to throw something in there for getting certain medals, I'm stuck getting a Confederate medal on Stage 6 of the BigTop Sherman right now.

Also, a section for when you have to cause double your maximum health to the enemy in four matches like I had to in Stage 5 of the same contract would be helpful.
Posted by Crater Bob on 19 Dec 18 at 06:26
Darkness727420If I just buy a merc tank, will that unlock the achievement?
Posted by Darkness727420 on 10 Jan 19 at 03:59
ratloachBuy a premium or buy out a contract? Premium = no, buying out stages = yes.
Posted by ratloach on 10 Jan 19 at 07:12
Darkness727420Well that's just stupid.
Posted by Darkness727420 on 10 Jan 19 at 12:22

Yes you can just buy a mercenary tank WITHOUT SKIPPING STAGES. and net the achievement. No need to sign any contract and or skip stages. If you have the gold, you can simply purchase the mercenary tank and you will get the achievement. I just did a few minutes ago.
Posted by Darkness727420 on 15 Jan 19 at 21:11
ratloachDid you buy a premium merc or buy a regular merc tank outright? Cuz if you bought a regular one, it's just like skipping stages. However, if you bought a premium one (T.A.N.K., beach party, ...) and it unlocked, I'll update the solution. Thanks for looking into to this Darkness clap
Posted by ratloach on 21 Jan 19 at 21:12
Darkness727420I bought the deadbolt, it's regular a merc tank. I actually had no idea there are premium merc tanks. But yes buying the regular merc tanks outright is like skipping stages but I think it's a bit cheaper also instead of skipping one stage at a time. Amazingspider97 said he spent 6000 skipping all the stages. I'm not sure which tank he got so I'm unsure if it's cheaper to buy it outright, for any merc tank for that matter.
Posted by Darkness727420 on 21 Jan 19 at 21:37
ratloachhmmm.... I guess I'll have to wait on the answer to the premium question. Right now, there's only a handful on premium mercs but I'm sure there will be more in the future.

Anyways, I didn't know you could outright buy out a contract so that part I'll add to the solution in step 5 and put you down with credit for that. Thank you smile
Posted by ratloach on 21 Jan 19 at 21:45
Darkness727420Teamwork makes the dream work laugh. But seriously, glad to help.
Posted by Darkness727420 on 21 Jan 19 at 21:51
Evil ToastHave earned the mercenry tank Centrifuge and played a couple of games with it, but this achievment still hasn't popped. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance
Posted by Evil Toast on 11 Feb 19 at 22:24
Darkness727420^ probably another Xbox achievement issue.
Posted by Darkness727420 on 12 Feb 19 at 02:23
Evil ToastI've since popped the mercenary tank masteey and the win 5 games in a mercenary platoon achievements; but still no achievment (or premium time) for the tank i unlocked. With no answer from Wot, I'm now trying the tier 3 contract to try again, but it's crazy frustrating.
Posted by Evil Toast on 13 Feb 19 at 07:10
Evil Toastit turns out, if you start the games and then complete the 8th stage of a contract while the console is off (because you don't earn the xp until the end of the game) the tank and contract will unlock, but the achievement and premium time won't be awarded.
Posted by Evil Toast on 15 Feb 19 at 07:54
olde fortran 77If you feel you can't complete every stage (and I certainly can't), every stage you do complete lowers the buyout price of the tank. The lower stages aren't very hard so you can definitely save some gold by completing stages until you've had enough, and then buy the tank.
Posted by olde fortran 77 on 01 Aug 19 at 14:25
DingoDango123When I attempt to "sign contract" it won't allow me. I'm pressing down on the d-pad and down on the left joystick. What am I doing wrong? (Ps no contracts have already been started)
Posted by DingoDango123 on 29 Sep at 23:12