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I think we're back in business

Manually repair a building with the Ranger Team

I think we're back in business0
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Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade966,576
04 Jul 2018
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In this video I will show you how to manually repair a building with the ranger team.

EMPERORHOKAGEI was thinking you'd tell us when things get damaged. I ain't got any damaged buildings yet.
Posted by EMPERORHOKAGE on 09 Jan 20 at 21:20
TheFigleafI got it when one of my Dracorex pair died. They're social so when it happened the other rammed the fence and broke out looking for more of it's kind.
Posted by TheFigleaf on 23 Feb 20 at 22:34
logicslayerYou can do this when you get to the second island (it's part of the story). However, I did not get credit for it. Sometime after, there was another storm and I could go to repair partially damaged buildings. I got credit for it then.
Posted by logicslayer on 29 Jul 20 at 13:52