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Score over a 1,000,000 in Stunt Run

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08 Jul 2018
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If you suck at stunt runs, just like me, here is my solution:

Choose either the Kitano Hydros Custom or the Kitano Hydros Techno and start any stunt run you wish. Personally i highly recommend to choose one around the Wildcats Baseball Stadium, because there are lots of billboards especially on WEBSTER AW. Start a Stunt Run race, break a few billboards, do a few jumps (as i mentioned, there are 3 billboards and 2 jumps on WEBSTER AW, and after that go behind the stadium for another billboard and jumps). When you are about to run ou of time, go up to the highway and start driving in front of the traffic. Never change lanes, never let the gas, and hold your finger on the nitrous button. It will refill after every successfully Burnout, so you will keep recieve bonus points for it. Don't worry, the traffic is kinda low in these game mode, and this car is especially easy to handle, so as long as you pay attention you should drive without any major crashes. In the meantime, you will also unlock the following achievement:

Burnout ParadiseBoosting Around the WorldThe Boosting Around the World achievement in Burnout Paradise worth 78 pointsGet a x20 Boost Chain

If you are able to get a x7 combo, you don't even have to try hard. Score around 150.000 and break your combo, and the achievement is yours.