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Holy Trinity

Use a car, train and helicopter in the same mission

Holy Trinity0
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09 Jul 2018
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For this one startup time trials from the main page. This will give you 8 minutes to finish a mission. Use a car to get you to the closest train station or helicopter pad. You may need in-game credits to buy tickets for these so beware before trying. I took the train to the bottom left area on the map as a helicopter pad is really close and easy to get to down there. It would work the same if you used the chopper to get down to that area as well. My achievement popped in route to the next location.
Sinacide IVI rode all three no i need to finish the level?
Posted by Sinacide IV on 18 Sep 18 at 23:32
JuicyjamsI did this on time trials and it popped immediately in route to next location. So it should pop right away. Check to see if you're in time trials and all should be well. If it pops differently for you let me know so I can make an update please.
Posted by Juicyjams on 19 Sep 18 at 01:44
Sinacide IVYes i was in Time trials. I got the achievement for riding a helicopter and riding a train for the first time, but somehow didnt unlock this one(yes i rode a car)
Posted by Sinacide IV on 21 Sep 18 at 16:40
ZalexzyFor me this popped after completing time trial mission. (Car to chopper, walking in park, chopper away, car to train station, full lap, car to finish.)
Posted by Zalexzy on 13 Apr at 11:54