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Activate a Conduit

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JafethTheXtremeJafethTheXtreme274,039 274,039 GamerScore
09 Jul 2018 22 Sep 2018
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I create this map taking the base of the Update Phase One of Itzz Sh0wt1m3 in my phone for everything except "Do a Barrel Roll!"

1.6+ Version

1.5+ Version

Take the Conduit from the chest and the dirt, then follow the path of torches down to the ocean, down there is the prismarine structure, place the dirt in the middle then the conduit, finally remove the dirt and the engine is ready as well as your achievement

Special thanks to Itzz Sh0wt1m3 for create the base map for this
jacky roosteryou legend. worked great.
Posted by jacky rooster on 09 Jul 18 at 20:49
SashamorningOnce again, a scholar and a gentleman. Thank you!
Posted by Sashamorning on 09 Jul 18 at 22:37
Pirate Llama224Sweet. You guys are awesome. Just got the final two achievements.
Posted by Pirate Llama224 on 09 Jul 18 at 22:56
JafethTheXtremeThanks a lot guys, im glad to hear it works properly for everyone smile
Posted by JafethTheXtreme on 09 Jul 18 at 23:08
True ReclaimCan someone explain to me how I can download this map I've been trying for ages not been able to and it's the only achievement I need for the 100%
Posted by True Reclaim on 10 Jul 18 at 18:18
Chaos Mythologydoes this work for win 10?
Posted by Chaos Mythology on 10 Jul 18 at 18:22
JafethTheXtremeI dont know for sure, i dont have a Win 10 PC to check, sorry
Posted by JafethTheXtreme on 10 Jul 18 at 21:58
JafethTheXtreme@True Delirious, if you want you can check the guide for import maps in thw Showtimes previus guides, he use an app called ES File Explorer to extract the files and move it into the minecraftWorlds carpet in the phone
Posted by JafethTheXtreme on 10 Jul 18 at 22:01
FrinpollogTried to import the world on both Win 10 and iOS, but for some reason all the chests were empty. Weird, too. Both of them are updated.
Posted by Frinpollog on 11 Jul 18 at 07:04
JafethTheXtreme@coder1009 yes, for some reason this just works on Android in 1.6, but dont worry, Showtime have already the map for all the remaining platforms
Posted by JafethTheXtreme on 11 Jul 18 at 07:09
Death Punch KOI extracted the files to my android phone's games folder > com.mojang > minecraft-Worlds but the world doesn't show up. What am I doing wrong?
Posted by Death Punch KO on 26 Jul 18 at 14:36
JafethTheXtremeYou have the version? Its works only with that version, if you have it idk whats the problem
Posted by JafethTheXtreme on 26 Jul 18 at 17:15
Death Punch KOI just checked and I have the version. How can I get the updated version?
Posted by Death Punch KO on 27 Jul 18 at 13:15
JafethTheXtremeActually that version is the updated one, the 1.6 its for insiders, if you want there is the link for the map for that version, is not mine, its from Itzz Sh0wt1m3
Posted by JafethTheXtreme on 27 Jul 18 at 15:58