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Hammerburst Mastery

Get 10 assists or kills with the Hammerburst in a match 20 times (Public Versus only)

Hammerburst Mastery+0.5
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14 Jul 2018 17 Aug 2018
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Not a guide, but if you are looking to find Hammerburst...

Core Hammerburst Changes

Last week, we announced that the Hammerburst would be removed as a loadout weapon beginning with this Update. This change is being made to preserve its impactful role as a potent long-range rifle but removing the issue with its over-effectiveness when used by a team of players.

The Hammerburst will now be available as a secondary weapon pickup in Core, much like the Markza, Boltok, Overkill and Retro. Here’s the full list of the maps that will now include Hammerburst pickups along with any weapons they rotate with per round (ordered from first to second).

Avalanche – Boltok / Hammerburst
Blood Drive – Boltok / Hammerburst
Clocktower – Hammerburst replaces Smoke Grenade spawn up top
Diner – Shock Grenade / Hammerburst
Dry Dock – Hammerburst / Boltok
Glory – Shock Grenade / Hammerburst
Gridlock – Hammerburst / Boltok
Harbor – Hammerburst / Boltok
Hotel – Boltok / Hammerburst
Impact Dark – Boltok / Hammerburst
Lift – Hammerburst / Overkill
Mercy – Boltok / Hammerburst
Old Town – Hammerburst / Boltok
Relic – Markza / Hammerburst


How to prove your mastery with the hammerburst ?

"Get 10 kills or assists with the hammerburst".
In a single match ; 20 times..

The hardest part of this achievement is to find the hammerburst, that's why I have posted more information about localisation than how to do it :)
Dacius DeciumNice information and all but your solution doesn't state the HOW to unlock this achievement. I'm sure this is why you've received negative votes so far.

Otherwise, good job.
Posted by Dacius Decium on 08 Aug 18 at 07:59
Dacius DeciumThanks for the update. Much better smileclap
Posted by Dacius Decium on 10 Aug 18 at 08:34
Tenkizunathanks for your feedback :)
Posted by Tenkizuna on 10 Aug 18 at 09:57
MuzzilyTip for people looking to grind this out. You can only get this once per match, but that doesn't stop you leaving and rejoining to count it as another match. Best game mode is obviously king of the hill. You can quit as soon as the tracker counts towards the achievement, then when you rejoin you're free to get another 10 assists / kills. I resorted to this as it seemed to be so infrequent that I'd get a map with a hammerburst.
Posted by Muzzily on 26 Aug 18 at 11:15
StrongProtectorFor those who see this in time, the Stay Frosty event is going on in-game until October 22nd. In that mode, the Hammerburst becomes your starting weapon (along with frag grenades and the golden boltok). I was able to do this achievement easily in that mode and it counted towards the achievement.
Posted by StrongProtector on 14 Oct 18 at 00:51
BabyishDuckThank you for the list of maps.
Posted by BabyishDuck on 29 Aug at 16:38