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Easy Money

Collect your first treasure.

Easy Money0
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Flarus Dragon1Flarus Dragon1943,615
15 Jul 2018
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There are a total of 15 treasure chests in this game, 5 per Island. The first one you will come up against will be behind a wall of sand you cannot current get past.

Once you have rescued Wayne you will gain the ability for a new minion type who can dig thorough this wall of sand. Go back to this wall and send your wolf minions to dig through it giving you access to the first treasure.

The chest is within a Clam so you can obtain another achievement hear called Pearl-fect Timing. Send your minions into the clam after it has re-opened to ensure it does not shut on them and take this chest back to an Impa portal to collect the chest and unlock this achievement.
Pedle ZelnipWorth noting that this achievement doesn't pop until the end of the night, not when you return the treasure chest to the portal (or at least that's what happened with me).
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 07 Oct 18 at 23:51