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Out on a Limb

Rescued Frank.

Out on a Limb0
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Flarus Dragon1Flarus Dragon1944,611
15 Jul 2018
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As you explore the second island you will come accross Frank...well whats left of him anyway. You will find him missing his arms and legs which you will have to find to rescue him.

These 4 body parts just like the pups will be hidden around the map in close proximity to where Frank is. Just like the pups before these will be scattered down the paths leading away from where Frank was found. Using the pups to break down the sand walls and bats to lift up the ramps you will quickly find the arms and legs of Frank.

Just like before as you go back with the final body part it will end the day and take you back to the ship. So make sure you have picked up any stones you have left or they will disappear.