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DLC: Mars: Martian Journal

Collect all of Larry's notes (Host Only).

DLC: Mars: Martian Journal-0.7
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Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV145,927
17 Jul 2018 17 Jul 2018
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There is a total of 28 Larry's Notes in this dlc. There are no markers on the map or an overview for the collectibles so is the best advice for you to collect all 28 in one go. You have to find all notes before you finish the story otherwise you have to start a complete new run. If you are close to a note the game shows you an orange icon so you can easy spot this note.

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Hirogen DDanke, good Job ;)
Posted by Hirogen D on 17 Jul 18 at 17:02
Zasta 360GameTVDanke Hiro ;)
Posted by Zasta 360GameTV on 17 Jul 18 at 18:07
BeJeyHat mir echt mega geholfen! Danke :)
Posted by BeJey on 17 Jul 18 at 19:53
Zasta 360GameTVBJ auch noch :p Dank dir!
Posted by Zasta 360GameTV on 17 Jul 18 at 20:39
thewolfgang514Thanks much!
Posted by thewolfgang514 on 18 Jul 18 at 06:29
MassiveAssault5Thank you for taking the time to do this! Very helpful
Posted by MassiveAssault5 on 18 Jul 18 at 14:27
LeGagnanThanks, great guide. I don´t understand why someone has downvoted this roll
Posted by LeGagnan on 18 Jul 18 at 19:37
Punk NineThats because there is a lot of stupid people out there.
Posted by Punk Nine on 19 Jul 18 at 01:01
QuasarWaerterDanke auch von mir :-)
Posted by QuasarWaerter on 19 Jul 18 at 13:23
Deadzone FightGut gemacht :)
Posted by Deadzone Fight on 22 Jul 18 at 16:49
hippykillerkyleAwesome guide, thanks!
Posted by hippykillerkyle on 23 Jul 18 at 20:06
Saint G Man 93THANKS MAN
Posted by Saint G Man 93 on 24 Jul 18 at 18:09
chokeheadAmazing video, thanks for making it
Posted by chokehead on 06 Aug 18 at 21:58
JeroenRosAnyone else having the achievement tracker to stay stuck on 96% after collecting all 28 of the notes?

Edit: i guess you simply have to redo the run on getting all of them when this happens. I tried several other things (doing a Clutch Nixon race, resetting the Xbox etc.) but nothing happend. Got it now and i'm happily i can close this DLC :)
Posted by JeroenRos on 07 Aug 18 at 18:52
Uggadunk01 "Mr fix it"
02 "I spy"
03 "Nothing comes easy"
04 "They're finding ways"
05 "Losing the fight"

06 "Watch the skies"
07 "High activity"
08 "A well oiled machine"
09 "Risk vs reward"
10 "Know thy enemy"

11 "Two is not better than one"
12 "Anti-gravity zone"
13 "Robot autonomy?"
14 "Gaining the upperhand"
15 "Terraforming no more"

16 "A fatal flaw"
17 "Desperate times"
18 "Desperate measures"
19 "Status report"
20 "An invaluable resource"

21 "Queen tracking"
22 "Making strides"
23 "Keeping tabs"
24 "Backup plan"
25 "Arachnids 101"

26 "Bird's eye view"
27 "One step ahead"
28 "The end of Larry Parker"
Posted by Uggadunk on 12 Aug 18 at 08:07
The GeestCracking guide. Thanks a lot!
Posted by The Geest on 10 Oct 18 at 20:34
TTDog666Is there any warning that you've reached the point of no return?
If not then what is the name of the last mission so people know that completing it will mean they've missed out.
Posted by TTDog666 on 01 Jan 19 at 21:11
Priit3Yes you get a warning. Last mission is " Save the world."
Posted by Priit3 on 03 Jan 19 at 12:23
TTDog666Great... Cheers!
Posted by TTDog666 on 03 Jan 19 at 14:31
XxIRaPiDzzIxXany missable or can i go straight to the save the world mission and then back track before i finish the dlc to get them all?
Posted by XxIRaPiDzzIxX on 23 Jan 19 at 00:51
MIKE1989TWExcellent guide, thank you.
Posted by MIKE1989TW on 10 Feb 19 at 19:21
PezzaLezzaSmall note - if you pick one up and then die very shortly after it wont count it!! I went through all of them, got stuck on 92% and had to go through all of them again! Thanks for the guide was fantastic!!
Posted by PezzaLezza on 09 Oct 19 at 21:16
Swyer87I think this has happened to me, I’ve been keeping an eye on the tracker after each one and I know one didn’t register. Once I saw your comment I remembered I died almost instantly after collecting it.

I’m only a quarter of the way through the collectibles, I’m guessing it is best for me to just finish the game and then start a new game for a quick run through the collectibles?
Posted by Swyer87 on 08 Nov 19 at 21:18
NuttySandman123I just went through this and I'm on 89% theres no way I missed 3 of them, I clicked on them even if I had already collected them
Posted by NuttySandman123 on 03 Feb at 21:25
NuttySandman123Just collected the whole lot again and now I'm on 96%, one of the orange markers came up I collected it, the 96% didnt move tho, who knows if this might pop later on, screw this dlc, the guide however is perfectly fine :)
Posted by NuttySandman123 on 03 Feb at 22:45
ElSelchoGreat solution and video. I was at 50% before the final mission. Followed the video and got it no problem. Thumbd up!
Posted by ElSelcho on 30 Jul at 09:31
Aura of HeroismDo this before finishing the queens off. The gun you get from collecting these is nuts.
Posted by Aura of Heroism on 06 Aug at 08:42