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Suit Up

Equip a full set to your shark

Suit Up-0.1
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19 Jul 2018
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easy way to get this if you have ubisoft club and the points just buy all parts of the sporty set.
xxpainkiller99xI have the sporty set achievement not unlocking. also a few other achievements not unlocking for this game
Posted by xxpainkiller99x on 25 Jul 18 at 04:21
Anthony238did you have the shorts,dumbells,medals and headband that what pop for me
Posted by Anthony238 on 25 Jul 18 at 12:59
FshguyI can't unlock this one and tracking is bad/not unlocking for others. I guess they carried over some of the bugs from the Windows Phone edition...
Posted by Fshguy on 01 Aug 18 at 17:23
AtheistBeanSame here. I tried several sets and it's not unlocking for me either.
Posted by AtheistBean on 02 Aug 18 at 14:38
Deacon VexAnyone find a fix for this one yet?
Posted by Deacon Vex on 14 Aug 18 at 06:16
MetalNuckJust bought all the sporty stuff, equipped it and the achievement unlocked for me without issue.
Posted by MetalNuck on 22 Dec 18 at 03:15
acedawg4I earned this achievement using this method easily. I bought 4 items from the market. Loaded up game and equipped Sporty stuff items. This was the 1st thing I did for the game. Store will be closing soon, so might as well redeem those coins before shutdown
Posted by acedawg4 on 31 Dec 18 at 14:17
RicoOnXboxツAny way to fix it? Want to complete the game.
Posted by RicoOnXboxツ on 26 Mar at 11:17