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Outsmart Yoma the Witch

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20 Jul 2018 20 Jul 2018
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This achievement is unlocked when you find this artifact:
#45 Bird - 31:03

Towards the end of the game, you'll find seven tall guards standing in front of a town. To the right of the guards is a small house with a strange bird spirit inside. You'll need your mask to see the spirit. Turn on your light and lure the spirit out of the house, to the left, toward the guards. When it gets close enough, the guards will kill the spirit, reveal an artifact, and unlock the achievement.
Corwin613So missed this one and the Vorsa one... now there is a chapter select page I was wondering if you recalled where this one is? because as much as it would be so FUN to play through this game yet again following a compete video guide....
Posted by Corwin613 on 26 Dec 20 at 20:10