Overwatch: Origins Edition Review by Morgoth545

01 Aug 2018
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Value: Good price good item
Ease of use: Super fun easy to play game.
Design/style: Great character design.
Picture/video: Interesting and high quality cartoon graphics.

Overwatch is a 6v6 multiplayer action game. It features arcade which is lots of fun modes to play with you friends. You can also create custom games which you can setup by your self and choose to have A.I in your match, or you can roam the map by yourself. You can add buffs to your heroes to make them more powerful. You can choose what match you can play on in the settings. You can just also invite you friends to 1v1. The Quick Play mode is just a standard 6v6 brawl. The point is to try to push the payload to the objective once you have done that your team wins.

I have had overwatch for about a year and 3 quarters. And I have spent 2591hrs on the game. It is my best game of all times and is definitely worth your money.

Hope this review helps :) 🎮
Ostrowidzki1989All those timed achievements... no go for me.
Posted by Ostrowidzki1989 on 03 Aug 18 at 18:20