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Robo Passer 10

Complete at least 10 passes in a row during a single game.

Robo Passer 100
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02 Aug 2018
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Before going for this achievement, I went to Customize from the main menu and adjusted all offensive players to 99 in each category to give my team the best possible advantage.

2 Controller Method

Main Profile (Offense) - Passing Plays: 361 Cardinal
Secondary Profile (Defense) - Pass Prevent: Sackville

Using your secondary controller, choose to control the defensive player that is in front of the "B" button receiver. Using your main controller, snap the ball and throw the ball to B when he gets wide open. After making 10 catches in a row the achievement will unlock, and I believe this is the most reliable play for consistent catches. I was able to make this play 16 out of 17 times without issue. It also does not require any input on the secondary controller.

This is also the method I used for generating 713 yards of passing offense in a single game:
Maximum Football 2018Passing World RecordThe Passing World Record achievement in Maximum Football 2018 worth 236 pointsMatch or exceed the world record of 713 yards passing in a single game.