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Rushing Attack 100

Rush for at least 100 yards during a single game.

Rushing Attack 1000
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02 Aug 2018
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Before going for this achievement, I went to Customize from the main menu and adjusted all offensive players to 99 in each category to give my team the best possible advantage.

2 Controller Method

Main Profile (Offense) - Running Plays: Blast
Secondary Profile (Defense) - 3-4 Base: Amiens

The QB should hand the ball off to the RB, and there should be a significant gap in players directly in front of you. Running through the opening, you should be able to generate approximately 8-15 yards per carry. Use A to sprint faster. You can pause the game to see your progress.

You must also get 50 yards in a quarter for another achievement:
Maximum Football 2018Rushing Attack 50The Rushing Attack 50 achievement in Maximum Football 2018 worth 59 pointsRush for at least 50 yards in a single quarter.