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Win a game with each of the 32 NFL teams - wins count across all game modes.

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10 Aug 2018 15 Aug 2018
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Edited to account for comments:
For this achievement, you will be required a win with each of the default 32 NFL teams in regulation. The game does NOT track who you’ve won with so you must do this yourself. Cross off every time you win a game. From scratch, this grind takes about 4 hours.

]I did this in Play now, and for me it worked fine. Also note that, whilst myself and most of my friends have been a-ok, some have reported this as being glitchy. Be sure to quit out to menu after each win, and assure that you see the autosave after each win.

CREDIT: SmittyLAX35 and CareBear1770 both report that winning a game in franchise mode as each works if for whatever reason the above does NOT work.

To do this, follow the same time/game settings below, but start an offline franchise as a coach of any team. Once you're in, press RS and "create a character", selecting the head coaches of all 31 other teams. Then follow the same steps, but as each team in franchise mode.

CREDIT Nightmare Clown - OVERTIME WINS DON'T COUNT. I didn't realise this, but the method I discuss results in regulation wins anyway, so don't worry.

In alphabetical order, they are:
Bears, Bengals, Bills, Broncos, Browns, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Chargers, Chiefs, Colts, Cowboys, Dolphins, Eagles, Falcons, 49ers, Giants, Jaguars, Jets, Lions, Packers, Panthers, Patriots, Raiders, Rams, Ravens, Redskins, Saints, Seahawks, Steelers, Texans, Titans, Vikings

The game does NOT track who you’ve won with so you must do this yourself. Cross off every time you win a game. From scratch, this grind takes about 4 hours.

Once “Full Set” is the only achievement left on this page you don’t have, you’ll want to get through the rest of the matches very quickly. To get a win in 6-7 minutes, I have the following advice

- Quarter Length – 1 minute

- Accelerated Play Clock – 10 seconds

- If you begin by kicking to the Player 2, kick the ball and use your 2nd controller to run out the back of your end zone (if you catch the ball in the end zone itself, move past the 0 and then back or it'll count as a touchback I think.) This will concede a safety in the favour of Player 1, making the score 2-0. Punt the ball back to Profile 1, and run the ball/take a knee for the rest of the game with whichever controller is on offense.

- If Player 1 is receiving the ball, use your 1st controller and return the ball as fast as possible. Then set up a Hail Mary pass on your first play with Player 1, and with Player 2 go to Special Team plays and set up a Field Goal Block. As soon as you snap, select a receiver (be quick) and run it to the end zone for a touchdown (you should have day-light). Convert the Point after Attempt (PAT), and you’ll be up 7-0. After that, just kick the ball back to Profile 1, and run the ball for the rest of the game with whichever controller is on offense.

If you are doing franchise mode, do this in offline franchise, pick a team of your choice and then load up. You can then "make characters" (player, owner or coach) for any and all of the other 32 teams.
BigBoomKCAny data on if this is as buggy as last year's version of this? I'd hate to spend all of that time to once again be stiffed on this cheevo...
Posted by BigBoomKC on 10 Aug 18 at 15:54
NoHeroes94I did all 32 teams last night and tonight using this method and I used it last year too, both times it unlocked perfectly after team 32.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 10 Aug 18 at 16:47
Nightmare ClownGame does not count if you go to overtime, whether you win or not.
Posted by Nightmare Clown on 10 Aug 18 at 19:16
NoHeroes94Thanks @Nightmare Clown I'll add that in, did not know
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 10 Aug 18 at 20:14
CareBear1770Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that thing seems to be bugged again.

I just did it and it did NOT unlock - proof that i actually should have it is there, since my overall achievement overwiew shows 26 Madden NFL 19 trophies unlocked, (600/1000, so 60% of all trophies) yet when i go into the Madden 19 GameHub, it oddly still shows only 25 of them as unlocked.

This combined with an audio commentary that stinks diapers and that overly cheesy trial and error thingy called Longshot: Homecoming just made sure that i super duper highly ultra likely are NOT going to get Madden NFL 20 when it comes out or ever.
Posted by CareBear1770 on 11 Aug 18 at 19:00
SmittyLAX35I found that doing this in a 32 team franchise mode is the best way to avoid the glitch. I got it on my first try after I got my last win with the Vikings. Same thing with Madden 18. When I did multiple runthroughs in Play Now, the achievement didn't pop.
Posted by SmittyLAX35 on 11 Aug 18 at 19:13
CareBear1770How do you even set up a 32 teams Franchise Mode - one save-file per team?
Posted by CareBear1770 on 11 Aug 18 at 19:37
NoHeroes94@CareBear1770 - If you want to do that for fun you have to be playing offline franchise (I think). Load up as any team (owner/player/coach whatever) and press LS/RS (can't remember which). Will bring up a menu where you can select any coach, player or owner for another team of your choice and play them concurrently.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 11 Aug 18 at 20:33
NoHeroes94Weird, Both years this unlocked for me, no issues. Sorry to anyone affected, glitches achievements suck.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 11 Aug 18 at 20:34
RxAxMxPxAxGxESo only for carebear (1 person) the full set achievement didn’t unlock? Did you play the trial version of the game before the game release? I played trial version and then went rented the game. I have 20 teams left to win with. So I’ll post once I finish tonight if it unlocks the full set or not using the above method with two controllers....
Posted by RxAxMxPxAxGxE on 11 Aug 18 at 22:33
FireThanks for the guide! This was simple and only took about 10mins in total.
Posted by Fire on 12 Aug 18 at 14:38
CareBear1770Confirmed: "Full Set" unlocks once you earn a win with all 32 teams, when done in Franchise Mode. (Thanks to SmittyLAX35 for the hint)

Offline or Cloud-based does not matter, (as i did/had to do a mix of both) the only thing that matters is that you don‘t do this in „Play Now/Exhibition“ mode.

Wins count across all modes my a... EA Sports (We bug your game!)
Posted by CareBear1770 on 12 Aug 18 at 15:22
NoHeroes94Edited my solutions AND TA walkthrough to discuss alternatives (with credit, ofc). I've also included that I recommend quitting to main menu after every game if you're doing this in Play Now. Might be because people aren't waiting for the game to save, and are switching their Xbox off after a win with some of them? Only just thought that might be the issue.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 12 Aug 18 at 21:09
Proud Dad MCALWhat I did was play play now with each team, super simmed it until the fourth quarter then with the lead I would manually run the clock out... (each game took about 3/3.5 minutes with loading times). After I did all the teams it didn't unlock... but then I went into offlinefranchise mode and play 1 game of 1 minute quarters, won the game, the the achievement popped.
Posted by Proud Dad MCAL on 15 Aug 18 at 05:30
NoHeroes94@Proud DAD MCAL. I did a test seeing if a 32 user-team offline franchise, when simulated for a full season would pop this achievement. The legacy achievements pop this way (see my other guide for that), and I thought that if all teams won in a season it MAY work, as all were user characters. It didn't work.

It might be an option for me to set up a 32 user-team offline franchise, super sim as each time in franchise, save after each win and see if that works. I won't be able to do so for a few days, though.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 15 Aug 18 at 09:51
TheWings977I can't believe this is worth 910 TA. Such an easy achievement. This is easier than FIFA 10's win a match in every stadieum..
Posted by TheWings977 on 20 Aug 18 at 06:47
NoHeroes94@TheWings977 - I would rather them have forgone the grindy achievement in place of more in-play ones, as they are the most fun to earn. Only 9/38 are truly gameplay related, the rest are simmed, story, MUT or skill trainer.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 20 Aug 18 at 07:36
TheWings977*Update* It didn't pop up right away but I ended up getting it. I just started up an Offline Franchise, took control of each team, and played one minute games.
Yea, unfortunately this achievement didn't pop for me. I'll have to figure something out.
Posted by TheWings977 on 21 Aug 18 at 17:04
Americano xXQuestion for the people who are doing the wins in franchise mode. Do you need to play all the games with 1 minute quarters or can you super sim them?
Posted by Americano xX on 28 Aug 18 at 00:21
NoHeroes94Americano xX I would be safe and play 1 minute Q games with accelerated clock on, it only takes 5-6 minutes per game.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 28 Aug 18 at 06:58
Mr Van77 ReduxI have won with all 32 teams twice, backing out to main menu each time on the second run. Nothing popped either time. Doing the franchise method this time and hopefully it will pop, too much time wasted on this as it is.
Posted by Mr Van77 Redux on 03 Sep 18 at 14:18
MaliiciousDo wins in ultimate team count? Switching active uniforms, or playing squads with people who use different uniforms and winning - does that count for wins with that team?

Example: You have a Jaguars Away uniform card, when your ultimate team plays as the away team with that Jags card active and win the game, does that count as a win with the Jaguars?
Posted by Maliicious on 12 Sep 18 at 02:18
THEPUNISHER2142Do you have to use the default rosters or can updated rosters work?
Posted by THEPUNISHER2142 on 23 Sep 18 at 18:21
dmils13I won multiple games in OT and this still popped without having to go back and replay games.
Posted by dmils13 on 04 Oct 18 at 12:13
That Guy086Yeah guys, it's buggy. I won with all 32 teams in franchise twice and it's still locked.
Posted by That Guy086 on 31 Oct 18 at 09:10
That Guy086Yeah guys, it's buggy. I won with all 32 teams in franchise twice and it's still locked.
Posted by That Guy086 on 31 Oct 18 at 14:17
DrOp ShOtKiNg24I won with 28 teams online then tried play now with the last 4 and it didn’t pop
Posted by DrOp ShOtKiNg24 on 30 Nov 18 at 09:13
I Get HUGEI got mine today in exibition. I had beaten all 32 teams didn't get it. I played with bears and Bengals against my 2nd controller and won on that playthrough. So I went back in against cpu as both teams [bears-bengals] won and boom unlocked. Also I was on rookie diffuctly. I recommend not using 2nd controller and just vs cpu on rookie 1 min quarters didn't mess with sliders either also don't restart if u lose back out and play with that team again also no OT. Good luck
Posted by I Get HUGE on 05 Dec 18 at 00:23
NoHeroes94For anyone struggling, do every other achievement and wipe your saves, then restart Madden 19 and do all 32 teams in exhibition one more time as listed above without turning your console off. If you want a break, have work etc. just leave it on. I personally earned this first time in 18 and 19 at exactly 32 teams, so I'm not sure what the issue is, but I personally left the console on both times so maybe that will help the tracking.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 02 Jan 19 at 09:07
xGoIdieDescription seems to be wrong with this achievement. I haven't won with every team but I have played with every team and it's popped.
Posted by xGoIdie on 29 Jan 19 at 11:26
AnythingTMfor me after winning with all the teams I needed to go and replay any matches that went to overtime and also any that I played with 2 controllers. I had 31 teams on Exhibition and the other one was a win in Franchise
Posted by AnythingTM on 29 Jan 19 at 14:55
Chef Not ChiefWins in overtime most certainly count. I went into overtime with 3 different teams and the achievement still unlocked.
Posted by Chef Not Chief on 05 Feb 19 at 18:25
Nightmare ClownThey didnt count last year but maybe they do this year, very glitchy.
Posted by Nightmare Clown on 16 Feb 19 at 04:57
oHey BroskiJust got it today. OT wins do count. Any games I played online or with friends, did not. I won using each team in an exhibition match vs. CPU
Posted by oHey Broski on 20 Feb 19 at 14:35
Chef Not Chief@Nightmare Clown, they counted for me last year too. The achievement is just extremely finicky and possibly glitchy. In Madden 18, I just started with the bears and went in alphabetical order. The achievement popped before I ever played the Vikings. I did the same thing in Madden 19 and popped after an exhibition win with every team. So OT wins are supposed to count. Just seems all that matters is whether the game feels like registering a win
Posted by Chef Not Chief on 24 Feb 19 at 19:35
Nightmare ClownLook all Im saying is that I had an overtime win in madden 18 and it didnt count and had to replay it again. Winning in Overtime may work for some but I dont think its working for all. So best bet is to not go into overtime at all.
Posted by Nightmare Clown on 27 Feb 19 at 20:48
Bk LuCKY ChaRMSThis is achievement is definitely weird I had overtime wins with the Rams and Bengals then I had losses with the bucs cardnials chargers dolphins and Vikings as soon as I finished the 32 games realized I didnt unlock it my last game was the loss with the Vikings so I was going to go back to the teams with losses and games where I won in OT to see if that would fix it so I started with the Vikings as soon as I finished the game the achievement unlocked didnt even have to do the rest of the teams where I ended up losing or went into OT
Posted by Bk LuCKY ChaRMS on 28 Feb 19 at 10:05
CRAZE KILERIm on my third time through winning with each team and I still dont have the achievement. So frustrating
Posted by CRAZE KILER on 26 May 19 at 17:41
MellmerConfirmed that overtime wins DO count.
Posted by Mellmer on 20 Jan 20 at 17:32
MaliiciousI have gone through the list of teams twice now. Winning overtime games and taking breaks (turning off my xbox) and have still not unlocked the achievement.

Based on what other people are saying it would appear that you can win in overtime but you cannot turn off your console and pick up where you left off.
Posted by Maliicious on 20 Jan 20 at 21:09
marknocturnalI played and won with all 32 teams and kept a checklist but the achievement didn't pop.
Posted by marknocturnal on 17 Jun 20 at 21:09
BeastHazardJust spent like 5 hours on this in exhibition mode with 1 minute quarters and it didn't pop.
Posted by BeastHazard on 22 Dec 20 at 05:55
DMpmp13Idk who is still going for this but mine bugged the first time. I tried the simming method, and it didn't pop. I then deleted my save and tried again doing play now all in one sitting against the CPU and it popped
Posted by DMpmp13 on 02 Feb at 23:41
MarkyshizzleHad to delete my save and do it vs the cpu in one sitting like DM, but thanks for the heads up
Posted by Markyshizzle on 28 Apr at 00:54