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#Forzathon Traffic Dodger

Complete 5 Head-To-Head races to receive 3 Wheelspins

10 Aug 2018 until 17 Aug 2018

#Forzathon Traffic Dodger
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10 Aug 2018
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For quick and easy Head-To-Head races head to the Airport. Drive up and down the Runway till you get behind somebody and initiate a race. Due to the way the Airport and the surrounding roads are laid out, how the Drivatar AI behaves, and the lack of checkpoints in Head-To-Head races your opponent will always stick to the roads while you can easily cut through all of the open space and head straight to the Finish line with no regard for the actual course layout.

Good Luck!
V3ntilatorI just did this with random cars on the road, beause they are everywhere on the map.
Easy and Medium opponents should get you this quickly.
Posted by V3ntilator on 11 Aug 18 at 10:25