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Absorb the Spider's Rune!

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13 Aug 2018
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The Spider Rune will likely be the last rune you unlock (apart from the one automatically unlocked by completing the game). The Vine, Teleportation, and Ram runes are all required before going for this. It is earned by going from The Prisoner's Quarters (first area) and exiting through to The Toxic Sewers, then exit to The Ancient Sewers. through to The Insufferable Crypt to face the Conjuctivius boss. You should be able to exit this boss battle into a new area called The Slumbering Sanctuary; a very tough area with invisible enemies.

As you work your way through The Slumbering Sanctuary, you will reach a large pit, with a red boss banner. Dropping down with commence a fight with and Elite Orb Caster, which you will need to defeat. Killing them will drop the Spider Rune, automatically equipped as a permanent unlock. This fight can be quite tough, but dodge rolling is extremely important.

With the Spider Rune equipped, you will be able to wall climb and wall jump to make progress through the game and give access to new and secret areas. It will also allow us to unlock new areas like the Prison Depths accessed from Promenade of the Condemned, and the Graveyard from the Conjuctivius boss battle.
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