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Contract and cure the plague

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14 Aug 2018 20 Aug 2018
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You'll need a few items to prepare for this achievement. You'll need several healing items and a phenocyline jab. Heads to lud's Holm, the Bobby on guard at the bridge will give you a phenocyline jab. Whilst in lud's Holm, you'll be attacked by a plague infected wastrel straight away, let him keep hitting you until you become infected. It may take one hit, it may take twenty hits, hence the healing items. When you do become infected, use the phenocyline jab immediately and your achievement will pop. If for some reason this guy doesn't infect you, other plague victims only come out at night and have some sort of swarm around thier heads, as well as acting crazy! Also I found wearing the torn suit as opposed to the padded suit got me infected quicker. Hope this helps.

Edit: as pointed out in the comments, you'll know you're infected by a red biohazard symbol appearing in the top left of your husband.

Another Edit: seems a few people keep taking hits without getting infected. Whilst playing as Sally, I couldn't search the body of a plague victim without getting infected, so try repeatedly searching bodies and you could pick up the plague that way!
GordonDogKingI am guessing you are notified somehow that you are infected? (So you can kill/run away from the guy that infected you) Thanks for the solution.
Posted by GordonDogKing on 14 Aug 18 at 19:31
ClawColyerYes, a red circle with a biohazard symbol will appear in the top left of you guys, next to the joy, food and water meters.
Posted by ClawColyer on 14 Aug 18 at 23:37
Thai JThere has to be some other factors for this one. I spent TWO HOURS last night doing nothing but being hit by plague infected enemies as well as looting their bodies and carrying them around and nothing. I tried all different outfits and probably took over 200 hits and never got infected once. Pretty frustrating.
Posted by Thai J on 16 Aug 18 at 23:05
alladaskill17I don’t know if it makes a difference but I took off my gas mask and put back on normal clothes, it took around 30 hits, and I used a “Best First Aid Kit”, achievement pooped.
Posted by alladaskill17 on 18 Aug 18 at 00:15
GordonDogKingAnother good spot to try this is the plague wastrel hanging from the tree at the start of the quest about the yams, a bit east of the north-center part of Luds Holm (look for the rock outcrop). I looted him twice, and got infected both times. His loot (a "special" mushroom) respawns, as it is part of the yam quest. DO undertake this quest! Make sure you have at least four of the shooms on you before you start! Must be nightime.
Posted by GordonDogKing on 21 Aug 18 at 05:57
MuscleSenpaiIs this achievement bugged? I've contracted plague twice and have cured with the phenocyline both times to no effect. Once as sally, and once as Ollie.
Posted by MuscleSenpai on 24 Aug 18 at 16:44
J4YC00MB3SThis one was a little buggy for me, I battled to get infected. However there is a guaranteed method during Sally's play through.
You will come across a story related mission called "Milihelen" - "Find capin strawbeard at Wednesday hill". As you approach the hill and start to walk up the path, there is a plague person hanging in the tree with mushrooms around there head next to a sign board, if you search or interact with them, you will get infected. Tried this multiple times and everytime I got infected.

Hope this helps for some who battled with this achievement.
Posted by J4YC00MB3S on 13 Aug 20 at 19:04
x SATELE SHAN xJ4YC00MB3S's method worked for me first attempt. Thank you! You should add it to your guide. ;)
Posted by x SATELE SHAN x on 28 Nov 20 at 18:04