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One of Everything

Breed every original animal and their color variants.

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15 Aug 2018 15 Sep 2018
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I'm grinding this now, and it's important to realize that not every exhibit animal has a variant. I set up a breeding zoo in the sandbox, where all breeding research is maxed out, and after more than a dozen attempts, I kept getting no variant mountain bongo antelope babies. I go to check the albums and discovered that there is not even an empty slot for a variant mountain bongo antelope. So before you make a futile attempt to breed a species variant, check the albums to make sure that one even exists.

Update: It seems like the only breeding species without a variant are the Arabian oryx antelope, mountain bongo antelope, sloth bear, and sun bear. Hopefully, I didn't miss one.

I systematically ground through this using one of the useful spreadsheets posted on this site. When I got what I thought was my last variant, the achievement didn't pop. My tracker said I was at 98%, even though everything was checked off and all variants were photographed. What could have gone wrong?

1. I read on here about the albino polar bear being a source of difficulty because of it being photographed in a campaign scenario, so I had already bred it multiple times. It was not the one I was missing.

2. There were other opinions saying that both the original species AND the variant had to be bred. I don't believe that is the case. When I was breeding the South American animals and I came down to the last animal I needed, the first baby that was born was a variant. Right after the birth, I got BOTH achievements (breed all South American animals and breed all South American animals and their variants). So breeding the variant alone should have counted "two-for-one." This hopefully could not have been the problem.

3. The only other possibility is could another variant have been born and photographed in a campaign scenario, and I didn't keep track of it. I went back into every sandbox breeding zoo I had set up and documented all the species variants present. Then I went into my big challenge zoo (the one that requires collecting 176 animals) where I had to breed 100 animals and release 100 into the wild to get the Zoo Tycoon achievement and documented all the variants that were still present. That left me with about 10 animal species unaccounted for (that probably got released into the wild), so I set up another breeding zoo to re-breed these animals. Near the end of this effort, POP! Got the achievement after getting the variant south central black rhino. I have no recollection if this variant was born in a campaign scenario, but it must have been. There's no other logical explanation.

The moral of the story: WRITE DOWN any animal that is bred and photographed during a campaign scenario because that breeding will not count towards the achievement. Only breeding that takes place in a challenge or sandbox zoo counts. It's too bad that the zoopedia doesn't keep track of this or variants in general.
Failure OnlineCentral chimpanzee for me for whatever reason
Posted by Failure Online on 22 Nov 18 at 10:15
x brucey auSo you definitely don't have to breed both the variant and the original if you get the variant first?
Posted by x brucey au on 11 Aug 19 at 21:57
Posted by Brainiac427 on 11 Aug 19 at 22:46
DARKxREAPERThis thing is broken as hell in my sandbox zoo I have breed and released all animals and their variants and guess what no achievement says I'm at 92% how the flip is that possible?
Posted by DARKxREAPER on 09 Dec 19 at 03:48
MrNoLuckFoxIn the middle of doing this right now.

Hopefully all goes well.
Posted by MrNoLuckFox on 19 Mar 20 at 18:12
XPac23I think it has do all be done in one sitting due to the save game bug, because I have bred every animal and variant and am only at 41 out of 65.
Posted by XPac23 on 14 Apr 20 at 17:51
RobCoPKCI can personally confirm that it is not bugged and doesn't have to be done in one sitting.
I just did all the challenges and photographed all my color variants and used the Sandbox mode to breed the remaining ones. Achievement popped when my photo album was complete.
Posted by RobCoPKC on 17 May 20 at 20:07
XPac23@RobCoPKC You must have played on PC then because the Xbox One version has a very well known save error bug, Saving failed error If you play on Xbox One don't take any photos or you'll get the bug and have to do this all in one sitting.
Posted by XPac23 on 24 May 20 at 14:36
zZombieCatGot this on Xbox one, over multiple sittings and games, took forever, but not broken
Posted by zZombieCat on 07 Jul 20 at 17:55
Fristi61Got this on Xbox just yesterday. I did take photos on occasion for challenges and such. No bugs for me, worked just fine. Maybe it's been fixed, or it's specific to certain console settings or other criteria.

I can confirm you do NOT need to breed the default skins, only the "rare" variants are needed, so you can get rid of the species and replace them with another one rather than wasting time trying to get the basic type as well.
I kept a log of every variant type I bred and there were 25-30 species of which I only ended up getting the variant and not the default, but the achievement popped regardless, saving me a bunch of time.

Worth noting that there is a research you can get from the zoo menu at the zoo entrance that greatly increases the chance of any born animal to be a rare skin variant, speeding up this achievement.
Posted by Fristi61 on 26 Oct 20 at 17:43
ElDylto1612Tracker’s stuck at 70% for this one, but “One of each” is still working for me!
Posted by ElDylto1612 on 05 Apr 21 at 12:16
AdudeI currently have an exhibit were I donate variant babys. It has the latest gotten lions and tigers.
Posted by Adude on 29 Apr 21 at 15:42
AdudeAlso you didn’t miss any animals, they don’t have a variant because they are dlcs
Posted by Adude on 30 Apr 21 at 12:37