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Fill a particular Lumber Mill by using B-130 truck only

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15 Aug 2018
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Load downhill map with 65111 with log crane carriage and b130 set up with log carriage& short log trailer. Winch together and drive both across the map west where a log kiosk is really close to the lumber mill. Load b130 & pack then load 4 logs into 65111 but do not pack. Winch & drive both to the lumber mill close by. Unload the b130 then use the 65111 crane to load the b130 again & pack. Unload for the pop and for the size doesn't matter achievement. Can also get the unstoppable achievement in the process just set cruise control before leaving the kiosk
k3rnel panicThanks. I did one run without the trailer to easily get the unstoppable achievement.
Posted by k3rnel panic on 17 Aug 18 at 16:44
ElSelchoGreat solution! That was an awesome trip trough the swamp :)
Posted by ElSelcho on 07 Oct 20 at 21:39