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The Bigger They Are

Beat the Mother Varmint in battle

The Bigger They Are0
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21 Aug 2018 21 Aug 2018
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This is part of the main story line - not missable and very straight forward fight. Here are some points of interest to make the fight easier:

- All types of enhanced attacks (i.e. fire, ice, holy, etc.) is effective against Mother Varmint. All are effective except jinx - it is a weak attack against her.
- Until her arms are gone, she likes to do a tri-attack (or double if she is missing one arm already) against a person in the group. It can hit for a lot of damage and should be followed up with a quick 25% heal potion.
- Her two (2) arms must be chopped off before attacking her main body. Her arms are 400 HP a piece while her main body is at 4000 HP.
- After the arms are gone, she will on occasion spawn babies - 4 of them - at about 160 HP a piece. They are easy enough to take down and is a great opportunity to get the following achievement by using Jake’s whole group hit (3rd tier) boomerang special attack:
Adventure Time: Pirates of the EnchiridionQuadrilateral!The Quadrilateral! achievement in Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion worth 52 pointsOverskronk 4 enemies in a single battle

- If her babies are left up too long, she will regenerate health. At the time, I did not have a lot of damage on her - ~400 HP gone - she healed back to full.
- Her babies like to do a spawn attack where they all go underground and start to attack the group for a good amount of damage. The less enemies in the group, the less damage the attack does. NOTE: I have not experienced it myself as I had at least 2 down before they would do the attack, but be aware they may use the spawn attack multiple times in succession.

Like I said, pretty straight forward fight. Doing this fight around the group’s level being 6 with full HP and attack upgrades (having maxed out special attacker’s don’t hurt either) to all the group members makes for an easier time taking her down this rascal of a varmint.
rad fadDidnt unlock for me. Glitched?
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