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Light 'em Up

Light all the braziers in the Fire Kingdom

Light 'em Up0
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21 Aug 2018 21 Aug 2018
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There are a total of 10 fires to light - 4 of them are for the progression of the main story (located in the throne room) and 6 are in the main starting area of the Fire Kingdom. Pick up one of the cauldrons and travel to the starting area of the kingdom (where Cinnabon is located) They are not hard to find and they are are all located only in the start area of the kingdom. Walk next to the unlit cauldron to start the fire. Once the last of them are lit, the achievement pops.

NOTE: If the achievement does not pop, it may be due to the last BLUE flame cauldron to light - I did not include that one in my above count. I had went and did the 4 in the throne room AND then the blue flame before heading out to the starting area to light the other 6.
NebasuThe brazier that stands by itself (near the treasure lookout point) at the starting area is buggy.

I thought I couldn't light it, until I approached it from another angle and it suddenly worked.
Posted by Nebasu on 02 Mar 19 at 13:27
CrunchyGoblin68Confirming that the blue flame is not needed for this, just the 10 orange ones.
Posted by CrunchyGoblin68 on 04 Mar 19 at 16:05
VoLtAg3 007This achivment is completely glitched for me, I have tried walking round all the fires over and over again with both of the braziers and still nothing angry
Posted by VoLtAg3 007 on 06 Mar 19 at 11:32
ShutTheCakeHole@VoLtAg3 007, the game as a whole is very glitchy.
Posted by ShutTheCakeHole on 07 Mar 19 at 01:13
Bat Sat CrewThere is one brazier near the entrance by itself that won't let me light it. Achievement never popped for me after lighting everything else including the blue one.
Posted by Bat Sat Crew on 23 Mar 19 at 15:55
Bassie11Which blue one should be lit? I lit all firepitts but this one isn’t popping...

Edit: In relighted the blue on next to the door (other blue one) and after that i relighted all red ones. Thay were already lighted, but after relighting them I got the achievement!

100% now! 😊
Posted by Bassie11 on 21 May 19 at 19:51