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To Be This Good Takes Ages

Play Hang-On or Space Harrier

To Be This Good Takes Ages0
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21 Aug 2018 14 Dec 2019
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This is missable.

You Arcade in Dobuita is your destination for this Achievement. Referring to the map below, simply head to the yellow dot (depending on which entrance you used to enter Dobuita), enter the arcade, and play either Hang-on or Space Harrier (¥100 per turn) for the Achievement.

External image
chmccarthyOnly 2 of the games will unlock the achievement.
Posted by chmccarthy on 28 Aug 18 at 17:25
Gruber Hofchmccarthy, it lists the two games.
Posted by Gruber Hof on 08 Jul 19 at 01:14
Dakrkplayer2You also can play the Saturn version and also get it.
Posted by Dakrkplayer2 on 09 Jul 19 at 00:31
TheDude722Map image no longer available
Posted by TheDude722 on 14 Dec 19 at 13:12
WhiterValkyrieFixed. Thanks to notify me :)
Posted by WhiterValkyrie on 14 Dec 19 at 13:22