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The Slaughterer's Apprentice

Finish all of the butcher's apprentice quests

The Slaughterer's Apprentice-0.2
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22 Aug 2018 31 Jan 2020
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When you reach St. Georges holm this quest will be available, if you travel to the south western part of St. Georges holm, and look at your map, you should see a quest marker (!) Called impatient person.
Once you start this quest you'll have to talk to a few women about the meat delivery boy who hasn't turned up to make the deliveries, once you've done that you should then end up at an alleyway where you'll have to fight off enemies and this is when you will speak to him, you'll then have to make the deliveries for him. Once you've finished the deliveries, go speak to the butcher and then you'll get the next quest.
The butcher will ask you to pick up a package, this quest is a bit buggy, when you get there bribe the two policemen with scotch and climb onto the cart and crouch, this should make the prompt appear, once you pick it up and deliver the package you will now be able to speak with the butcher and recieve the ' The Slaughterer's Apprentice' quest.
Fairly simple quest, complete it and the achievement shall pop!
*31st January 2020 NOTE*
This quest is in ARTHUR'S PLAYTHOUGH
also ignore that I said "South Western part of St. George's holm" because I had no idea at the time the map was different for everyone, I'm sure if you search St. George's holm for long enough you'll come across it as it's not much ground to cover.
Other than that hope this guide is still helpful 😁
GrimaceTheGreyI'm stuck on Superb Meat Bou, the one with the impatient person. I chased off the Plough Boys, but my quest won't update, and it's just stuck. Really annoying.
Posted by GrimaceTheGrey on 22 Aug 18 at 15:10
ZaphrokThat didnt happen to me, so im not quite sure what to suggest, have a search on the web see if theres any fixes
Posted by Zaphrok on 22 Aug 18 at 15:24
GrimaceTheGreyI tried, seems I am pretty much alone in it lol. It's a solid solution, hopefully someone else sees my comment and knows a fix.
Posted by GrimaceTheGrey on 22 Aug 18 at 15:42
GordonDogKingGrinace221---were you able to talk to the injured eddie/meat boy? At that point you get an additional quest to carry eddie to the pub. So you can then either do the meat deliveries, talk to the butcher and get the next quest in this line, or take eddie to the pub, then do the meat deliveries. I killed or knocked out the baddies, so I don't know if letting one or more escape might have something to do with it not advancing for you. Most likely a glitch though.
Posted by GordonDogKing on 22 Aug 18 at 23:09
GrimaceTheGrey@Gordon No, so it was broken. My objective was stuck at "Chase off the Plough Boys" if I tried to talk to Eddie, nothing happened.

I figured out what happened (fortunately I had an save not to far back) I had actually managed to kill the Plough Boy leader before he could run away and swear vengeance. I loaded a save and made sure to not kill him, and everything worked fine.

So for anyone who managed to get stuck where I did, or to avoid it altogether. Make sure not to kill the leader, he is the one with the pompadour hairstyle. The rest are wearing flight helmets.
Posted by GrimaceTheGrey on 23 Aug 18 at 00:26
GordonDogKingGrimace221--That's interesting, glad you were able to figure that out. Actually, I had stunned all the baddies with the jolly bolly, so I guess that works too. The OP states that the next quest (heinous package) is buggy, and I found that to be true--I could not get the damn package into the butcher's ash cart, which attracted some Bobbys and other NPCs, the whole scene got very messy and the heinous package disappeared, breaking the quest. Fortunately, I have a save about an hour back I can use. Hope it works this time. How the hell do you get that corpse into the cart?
Posted by GordonDogKing on 23 Aug 18 at 17:08
Operation REMIEjust a heads up. don't take the fast travel. it'll glitch the package out of your game. it did it to me. now i have no way of getting this achievement outside of doing the game over again.
Posted by Operation REMIE on 26 Aug 18 at 12:51
Tao LogosWhich character?
Posted by Tao Logos on 22 Sep 18 at 01:11
Haldergot attacked while taking the package, died & re spawned. package now glitched out of the game. :(
hopefully I've got a save not too far away.

** Edit: loaded a older save, although the quest was still active. slept for 24hr. came back to the cart and the package was there again.

so if it glitches out for you try sleeping a day or travelling to another location smile
Posted by Halder on 17 Dec 18 at 10:02
Jaimerson0103I do not understand anything, can someone explain better, and with what character does this mission appear?
Posted by Jaimerson0103 on 25 Jan 19 at 00:10
Lyco499This mission appears for Arthur. The first mission did not just appear on my map, I had to go find a woman marked as Impatient. On the map in St George's Holm, she's in the south slightly to the West in front of a House marked on the map. The most southern House marked on the map in St George's Holm.
Posted by Lyco499 on 30 Jan 19 at 18:03
KanchanaburiAfter having to redo the end part of this quest far too many times, here is my cautionary note. Before you 'accept' the job as apprentice, make sure you SAVE your game in a different slot. If you fail to escape, the game glitches out the required piece to make another escape attempt, meaning you will need to revert to a form save.
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 14 Feb 19 at 15:18
coipI was able to do this, but I encountered two issues. First, prior to starting the first mission, the impatient person spawned inside of a closet in a house rather than on the street, so I spent a ton of time trying to find her. Second--and this is a spoiler alert--at the every end of the last mission, when I initially succeeded in breaking the machine and went to the basement to collect my stuff, the butcher killed me and I had to start back at 'finding the part' to break the machine again. I couldn't find it anywhere and thought it was bugged. Turns out it is in the room with the machine you need to break, over by the window. You can't see it, but if you go over there, it'll prompt you to pick it up. Then you can jam it into the machine and continue the escape.
Posted by coip on 10 Apr 19 at 01:26
Full Tilt PanicAs a side note for anyone who is taking the 'Heinous' package, you will be attacked en route back. I just ignored everyone until I got to the dump spot. It's in an alley. You corner yourself in, but the AI can't pile on as much. I also switched to the rubber suit and padded suit depending on who was left as I fought. Definitely agree to save throughout this mission when possible. It's still very buggy.
Posted by Full Tilt Panic on 08 Jan 20 at 16:19
ZaphrokI know this is late on, quite late on in fact but I'd like to note that when I wrote this guide, I had no clue that there was more playable characters so I assumed Arthur was the only playable protagonist, also didn't know that the map was different for everyone hence me saying the 'South Western part of St. George's holm' but I'm glad my guide has helped a few of you guys out!
Happy Hunting 😁
Posted by Zaphrok on 31 Jan 20 at 18:48
Evtastic IRLMan as much as I like the game it's buggy as hell. Did no one play through the final version of this game before releasing it ?
Posted by Evtastic IRL on 06 May 20 at 15:12
jravenger4The achievement took around 5 minutes after to popup to me. I even failed few times so maybe you just need it to let it popup
Posted by jravenger4 on 15 Jun 20 at 16:35
DenverMax27I found it helpful to wait until night to pick up the heinous package. (I have the perk where the curfew no longer applies to me.) Not sure if it was a bug for me or intentional, but I didn't have the option to bribe the guards around the wheelbarrow. So I had to wait until night so there wouldn't be other people wandering around, knock out those couple guards, and then your journey back to the butcher's carrying the package is also easier. You only have to worry about avoiding the patrolling bobbies, not a million other people too.

I had to restart the last part of the quest (working for the butcher) a couple times because I got caught in the cellar and couldn't re-sabotage the machine. Although I didn't see the tip in one of the comments above that the broken part will respawn near a window. I only looked directly in front of the machine you originally got it from and in the closet where you find the new part, and gave up when I didn't see it in either of those spots. Actually, I also had to restart the very FIRST part of the quest a couple times as well...on my first time fighting off the Plough Boys, the meat delivery boy just despawned afterward so I couldn't talk to him. Then on my second try, I accidentally whacked him a couple times and he got stuck in fight stance (even after I hid and waited for his red triangle to disappear) so I again couldn't talk to him. Overall, save frequently - and in many different slots - in this game because everything is very buggy.
Posted by DenverMax27 on 08 Jan at 16:58