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23 Aug 2018 23 Aug 2018
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This is story related.

It will unlock just before the credits.
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elquietone Has anyone else not had this achievement unlock but "still show as unlocked"? What I mean is, the achievement never popped prior to or after the credits.. I tried replaying the ending 3 times to get it to pop but it wouldn't.. The game in my achievements section on the console shows 26/27 achievements earned and 950/1000 GS.. However, when you click on the game it then says 27/27 and 1000GS..

The phone/tablet app and Windows 10 app both say 26/27 950/1000 but show all achievements earned. It's as if the game gave me the achievement but because the "kabook" never happened it's denied actually counting it as unlocked despite being unlocked. This website says I've earned it, it's like it's floating in limbo being both unlocked and not unlocked. Tried rebooting and so on, been almost a day now and thought it might have just been an Live Service error but it wasn't.

Ideas?.. It's just annoying knowing I have it but seeing 950/1000 in my list.
Posted by elquietone on 03 Oct 19 at 13:25
WhiterValkyrie Just do a hard reset of your xbox (maintain the power button for 10 - 15 sec)and it should solve the problem ! :)
Posted by WhiterValkyrie on 03 Oct 19 at 14:23
Bengals8807 I completed the game and watched all the credits and never got the achievement, anyone else have this issue?
Posted by Bengals8807 on 24 Nov 19 at 16:46
PlatinumTaters7 This, and the previous 4 achievements (based on the walkthrough), never unlocked for me.
Posted by PlatinumTaters7 on 16 Mar at 23:53
The Globalizer I can't get this one to unlock either. I've played the end sequence (placing the mirror) and credits about 10 times now.
Posted by The Globalizer on 17 Mar at 09:32
pinkbunny2082 Xbox is having issues with achievements not working right now,I have been having issues since yesterday.
Xbox support on Twitter finally said that they are aware people are having issues and are investigating.
Posted by pinkbunny2082 on 17 Mar at 20:18