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Pest Control

Kill 100 Crawlers.

Pest Control0
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26 Aug 2018 28 Aug 2018
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This method shows how to get at least 8 achievements. Simply just boot up Midnight on Halo 4 and once you reach the area where you can pick the gravity hammer and other weapons, you will face a ton of knights, watchers, and crawlers. When you get to the spot where you need to defend the turrets, destroy the turrets and kill as many crawlers until you get the 1000 crawlers killed achievement.

Chief, Smash!- Halo 4: Kill 3 Crawlers in one hit with the Gravity Hammer on Midnight
Checkmate- Kill 100 Watchers
I Was Wondering What Would Break First- Kill 100 Knights
Pest Control- Kill 100 Crawlers
Just Getting Started- Kill 100 enemies or players
Remove the Bishops from the Board- Kill 1000 Watchers
Knightbane- Kill 1000 Knights
Dogcatcher-Kill 1000 Crawlers