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Match 3

Collected three dark organs. Three in a row! The Inquisition is going to get a prize!

Match 30
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Von KrauserVon Krauser777,653
28 Aug 2018 28 Aug 2018
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My suggestion is to get yourself in a place to allow as many RNG benefits as possible for this one.

In completing quests for the Inquisitor (specifically selling burgers and beer at a witch burning), he'll then ask you to harvest dark organs. Once you've gotten the request for the three organs, you can go into the technologies and purchase the tech to do so - it's on the anatomy line, so depending on how many points you've saved up and what you need to unlock, this may be the first grind. The good news, though, is that each of the three dark organs can be studied for 150 blue points each.

Once you've unlocked the technology, you'll be after a dark brain, a dark intestine, and two dark hearts (the second dark heart is for a Snake quest). They'll show up randomly in new dead bodies you get. Load up the trough with carrots for the donkey and start hoping.

I read on the Graveyard Keeper wiki that the Prayer of Repose potentially helps the organs show up because you have more red hearts possible in each body. I crafted a gold prayer of it and tested it on and off, and didn't notice any great difference, but you're welcome to try.

Some people have said, on Steam, that they were able to dig up bodies with multiple red skulls that were already in the graveyard and had success finding a couple organs that way. I'd already cleared them out trying to appease Yorick, so I'm not sure.

Finally, I read a Steam user's post that the vampire hunter you kill as a part of Snake's quests has a couple dark organs. So if you haven't progressed on that side, lucky you.

In my case, however, it was a matter of checking each body when it arrived, grabbing out the dark bits if they were there, and hoping to FINALLY get the dark intestine I needed. Then it happened. So, random. The key to it all is to get in a position where the randomness can happen, so get that tech!

Once you turn in all three (and you can turn them in one at a time if you choose to), the achievement unlocks.
TheOnlyMattoi did not have to unlock it, it auto unlocked when the quest was given.
Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 04 Dec 18 at 01:58
Mike731Confirmed the vampire hunters body had 2 dark organs
Posted by Mike731 on 16 Feb 19 at 04:58
ClockKingRMI'm confused about why this is listed as missable.
Posted by ClockKingRM on 01 Aug 19 at 17:57
Von Krauser@ClockKing1986 me, too! It should arguably be listed as UNmissable since you need the three to progress in the storyline.
Posted by Von Krauser on 02 Aug 19 at 00:31
FrogDog001Did this today. Unlocked after handing him all 3. No idea how it is considered missable.
Posted by FrogDog001 on 10 Aug 19 at 07:23
bobby trippeYeah, I am not seeing how this could be missable either. Maybe there was an update? As of right now, I do not think this is missable. In fact, I think it is story related.
Posted by bobby trippe on 15 Nov at 12:03